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Today the Nation stands proud, because of those heroes who sacrificed their lives for the Mother Land in the Highest Traditions of the Indian Army”.



War Memorial - 1958

Consequent to the decision to construct a suitable memorial in memory of the martyrs of the Regiment, the Govt of India allotted 982 sqaure feet of land to the MRC at Wellington Cantonment on 23 Mar 1949.

The construction of the memorial was initiated by Lt Col (Later Lt Gen) RS Noronha, MC*, the then Centre Commandant. The total out lay then was Rs 12,000 and it was inaugurated on 01 October 1951 by Lt Gen(Later COAS) SM Srinagesh, the then Col of the Regt. In 1953, it was made circular and rendered more ornate with artistic pillars linked by a festooned chain.

War Memorial - 1974

The War memorial has been renovated from time to time. It has a rectangular stone plinth of 33 feet x 22 feet surmounted by another rectangular marbled pillar of 19 feet x 14 feet. Above this is the dedication stone cube with sides of 8 feet each. On the Eastern face of the memorial is a Brass Plate where in the roll of honour of world War II is engraved. Names of Martyrs of subsequent wars are engraved on the plates on the other three sides.

War Memorial - 2009

The Madras Regimental War Memorial stands proudly at cross road junction right at the Entrance of Defence Services Staff College where eleven roads converge. The majestic monument, covered by a circular kerb with flower garden, immediately attracts the attention of any passer-by. During night, with focus lights, it presents a spectacular view.

Pir Panjal War Memorial (Hemon Buniyar)

 Consequent to the decision to construct a suitable memorial in memory of the martyrs of the Regiment, the Govt of India allotted 982 sqaure feet of land to the MRC at Wellington Cantonment on 23 Mar 1949.

Erstwhile Memorial Constructed
by 19 MADRAS

Re-constructed Pir Panjal War Memorial

 The Memorial was reconstructed and named as Pir Panjal War Memorial, keeping with the rich legacy of the formation. Lt Gen (Now Gen and COAS) Deepak Kapoor, AVSM, SM, VSM inaugurated it on 16 Mar 2006. It comprises of six regimental columns adorned in red Kota sandstone with granite enfacing recording the saga of the inf regts and other units. The centerpiece of the Memorial is the wall that forms the backdrop. The wall is covered by posters containing battle accounts of landmark battles fought by units of the brigade.

Madras Regiment War Memorial dedicated to Lt Col CPA Menon, MC of 1 MADRAS and all those Officers, JCOs & Jawans whose valour remains unmatched in the Defence of Kashmir in 1947 - 48.

Front View

“Nothing could better describe the oneness and unity of India than the fact that South Indians should fight the North Indians’ war of liberation. I have been anxious for many months to convey my feelings to the people of the south. In the war in Kashmir our brothers from the south have taken a leading part, they have fought tenaciously and valiantly and although unused to the severities of a cold climate, they have held their posts on top of high snow covered cliffs and mountains with a courage which has won them the admiration of the whole Kashmir people. The role of the unknown soldier in the war in Kashmir has truly been of the MADRASSI foot soldier. The people of Kashmir will never forget the help they have received from their brothers of the south.”

  - Shaikh Abdullah
  Chief Minister of J & K - 1948

(In his message to the then Madras Govt, paying tribute to the Madras Infantryman’s role in the liberation of Kashmir)

Colachal Pillar

“In remembrance of all the brave men of Travancore Army who laid down their lives in defeating the superior Dutch forces during the Battle of Colachel in July 1741”.

 The Nayar Brigade of the Travancore Army completely exterminated the superior and better equipped Dutch Forces which landed at Colachal in July 1741 during the reign of Anizham Thirunal Veera Bala Marthanda Varma. In the battle of Colachal, Capt Eustace De Lanoy, the Dutch Naval Forces Commander was captured. In order to commemorate this great victory of the Travancore Army over the Dutch at Colachel, the Travancore Government installed the Colachel Pillar at the very spot where the Dutch had capitulated to the Maharaja of Travancore. The Colachel Pillar stands 17 feet high and has a radius of four feet. It has conch at the top of the pillar and on its base the following words are inscribed in memory of the fallen brethren during the battle :-

Capt De Lanoy of Dutch Forces surrendering before His Highness Maharaja Marthanda Varma, 1741 AD

Barki Memorial

Barki Memorial

On 22/23 September 1965, Ichhogil Bund was captured by the 9th battalion of Madras Regiment, in a fierce hand-to-hand fight. The fight ended with the annihilation of approximately two Pakistani companies which attempted to re-occupy the eastern bund of Ichhogil Canal. In commemoration of this heroic battle, a war memorial was erected at Barka Kalan by the Indian Army. All the martyrs of ‘TERRORS’ who laid down their lives for the izzat of the paltan are remembered by all men of ‘TERRORS’ every year during the Barki Day by laying wreath at the memorial.

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