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Arty Records

1     The Artillery Records was raised at Deesa in 1920 alongwith Depot and re-designated as the Royal Artillery Training Centre (RATC). In 1925, the Royal Artillery Training Centre alongwith its Record Office moved to Mathura. On 15 Dec 1942, the following Records Offices were amalgamated and re-organised as Artillery Centre and Records, Mathura :-

 (a)     Record Office Field Artillery Training Centre, Mathura. 
 (b)     Record Office No 1 Anti Aircraft Training Centre, Malir Karachi. 
 (c)     Record Office Coastal Artillery Training Centre, Colaba Bombay.

2.     In Jul 1943, Anti Aircraft Records and Coastal Artillery Records also joined the Artillery Centre and Records at Mathura. With effect from 21 Feb 1944, the Artillery Centre and Records was re-organised as Indian Artillery Records and Depot. In Jan 1945, the Indian Artillery Records and Depot was split into two independent units :-

(a)     Indian Artillery Records.
(b)     Indian Artillery Depot.

3.     In Nov 1945, the Indian Artillery was conferred the title of 'Royal' and it was christened as Royal Artillery Records. When the country achieved independence on 15 Aug 1947, the Royal Artillery Records was re-christened as Artillery Depot and Records. Artillery Depot and Records moved to the present location on 12 Apr 1966 and started functioning separately with independent identity. The present Establishment of Artillery Records is functioning on the Peace Establishment common to all Record Offices. With effect from 10 Jan 1995, Air Defence Artillery Records has been separated from Artillery Records.

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