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In his address on culmination of the Army Commanders Conference on 18 October 2014, the Chief of Army Staff, Gen Dalbir Singh complemented the Northern & Western Commands on their exemplary response to the floods in Jammu & Kashmir which witnessed spontaneous mobilisation of Army resources, both manpower & equipment, without waiting for any formal requisition. He lauded the selfless commitment of the Indian soldiers involved in the relief & rescue efforts, who never once turned back to look at their friends & families who had suffered equally in the floods.


While addressing the external security concerns he advised the commanders to continuously assess the situation in the subcontinent with respect to the force & security transition taking place and its concomitant effect on the Nation’s security. On the internal security plane, he stressed on the need to maintain relentless pressure in Jammu & Kashmir so that the terrorists could not carry out any meaningful operations or interrupt the forthcoming elections. He also expressed satisfaction on the situation in North East and stressed that all stakeholders need to be made part of the conflict resolution mechanism.


On the modernisation front, the COAS informed all of the continued support of the Raksha Mantri and commitment of the MoD towards fulfilling the Army’s requirements. He also exhorted all to streamline and refine in house procedures aimed at preserving and enhancing the life of all service equipment.


The COAS expressed hope that the measuresbeing planned to address the issue of shortage in officer cadre would fructify at the earliest. He also expressed concern on the isolated instances of unethical behaviour and directed zero tolerance towards them.


The COAS asked all to stay committed towards the welfare of the veterans who were the bedrock of the Army and applauded the recent initiatives including the functioning of ECHS. Lastly the COAS stated that even under the most modern methods of war fighting, our Army should not forget that the human dimension would always remain the biggest battle winning factor. Hence the focus must remain on training, equipping & character development of the soldier to ensure that our Army remains a modern, potentb & combat ready force.


The Chief concluded his talk stressing that the ‘Indian Army must remain the pride of the Nation’.




World Tank Biathlon –2014


The World Tank Biathlon – 2014 was conducted from 04–16 Aug 2014 at Albino Ranges, Moscow, Russia with military grandeur and fanfare. 12 Countries including India and China participated by fielding four Tank crews each to compete in this fierce and challenging event. Indian Army fielded four Tank Crews for the first time alongwith support staff in the Biathlon. The Crew members were selected from the Armoured Regiments of the Sapta Shakti Command after a series of trials. The Biathlon encompassed three stages - Individual Race, Sprint & Pursuit and the Sports Stage. This entailed negotiating a series of battle simulated obstacles, firing on impromptu targets, crewdrills and physical exercises by the crews. An Indian Army crew finished second among 12 countries in the Sprint & Pursuit Stage just behind Russia and was awarded a medal for Good Performance.




A combined Indo-US military training Exercise YUDH ABHYAS 2014 was conducted in the foothills of Himalayas of Chaubattia in Uttarakhand from 17 to 30 Sep, under the aegis of Garud Division of Surya Comd. The exercise aimed at achieving interoperability between the India & US Armies and helped in honing their skills in conduct of combined operations. Exercise YUDH ABHYAS is 10th in the series of combined military training exercises between India & US.




Ex RANBANKURA SHAKTI was conducted by the Ranbankura Division of the Sapta Shakti Command from 16 to 20 Oct 2014 at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges (MFFR) as an Integrated Firing Exercise, wherein, the combat shooting skills of the Indian Army onto battle simulated targets were put to test. Apart from integral combat elements of Ranbankura Division, the Integrated Firing encompassed the Attack Helicopters and new generation surveillance equipment. The event was witnessed by Lt Gen AK Sahni, GOC-in-C, Sapta Shakti Command, Lt Gen PM Hariz, GOC, Chetak Corps & Maj Gen Anil P Dere, GOC Ranbankura Division besides other officers and troops.




“We take a solemn pledge to keep our house, workplace, and surroundings clean”
“Only a clean & healthy individual can create a clean, healthy and developed Nation”
“We are confident of realising Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of making the

Nation clean by Oct 2019”





In keeping with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s call for a Swachch Bharat Karyakram (Clean India Programme), a cleanliness drive was conducted at all Army establishments and formations from 25 September 14 to 02 October 14. On 02 October 2014, the 145th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, all Officers, JCOs, Other Ranks of the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army), gathered at the lawns of the Sena Bhawan for an oath taking ceremony.


Speaking on the occasion, the Chief of Army Staff expressed complete confidence that all personnel of the Army & civilians working with the Army would work earnestly towards achieving the Mahatma’s dream of building a clean India. He urged all present to be ambassadors in the cleanliness drive. He expressed the hope that all the personnel of Army including civilians would ensure their houses, offices and neighbouring areas would be kept clean and hygienic. He said that only a healthy and clean citizen can make a clean environment. He expressed confidence that the cleanliness drive would ensure a healthy and clean India by October 2019, fulfilling the dream of Mahatma Gandhi. The COAS, along with all present, thereafter took a solemn pledge to pursue the dream of Mahatma Gandhi in creating a clean India.





Gen Dalbir Singh, COAS, interacting with
Lt Gen Byambajav Tserendejid, Chief of General Staff, Mongolian Armed Forces

on 15 Sep

Gen Dalbir Singh, COAS, interacting with
Air Marshal Muhammad Enamul Bari, Chief of Air Staff, Bangladesh Air Force

on 17 Sep



General Dalbir Singh, COAS takes over as the Honorary Colonel of the Rashtriya Rifles on 01 Oct

Gen Dalbir Singh, COAS presenting the Chief of Army Staff Silver Trophy jointly to best TA units (108 Inf Bn TA MAHAR and 160 Inf Bn TA Home & Hearth JAK RIF)

on 09 Oct



General Dalbir Singh, COAS attends the
24th Raising Day of Rashtriya Rifles

on 12 Oct

General Dalbir Singh, COAS chairs the
Army Commanders’ Conference on 13 Oct







The word ‘Siachen’ ironically means ‘The Place of Wild Roses’, which refers to the thorny wild plants which grow on the rocky outcrops.


The Siachen Glacier is located in the eastern Karakoram Range of the Himalayas along the India- Pakistan border and lies south of the great watershed that separates China from the Indian subcontinent and is also sometimes called the “Third Pole.” The 76 km long Siachen glacier is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second longest in the world. The crest of the Saltoro Ridge’s altitudes range from 5,450 to 7,720 m (17,880 to 25,330 feet). The major passes on this ridge, from north to south, are Sia La at 5,589 m (18,336 ft), Bilafond La at 5,450 m (17,880 ft) and Gyong La at 5,689m (18,665 ft).


Siachen and Indian Army


Conducting military operations at such altitudes and in extreme cold weather is a difficult task, guaranteed to test the bravest and most courageous of men. A tenure on the Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest, coldest and perhaps the most demanding frontline, is a challenging opportunity to test the limits of human endurance and temperament. This battlefield is a typical super high altitude, heavily glaciated, crevassed, avalanche prone, blizzard swept and bitterly cold region and perhaps the most hostile environment, where a man has ever fought. The Siachen Glacier presents the soldier with a host of inestimable vagaries and variables. The omni-present danger to human life brings to fore the unflagging spirit and relentless perseverance of the ‘Siachen Soldiers’. It is here that the training, skills, determination and mental robustness of the Indian soldier is personified.


The Background to the Siachen Conflict 1947-48 Operations. After the J & K Operations in 1948, a Cease Fire Line (CFL) was drawn up under the Karachi agreement. The demarcation of this line terminated at Point NJ 9842.


1971 Operations. As a sequel to the 1971 Operations, the Simla Agreement was signed, which established the present LC in J&K. This line also terminated at Point NJ 9842. With the signing of the Simla Agreement and the Karachi Agreement, the CFL became defunct.


Expeditions. In early 1978, it came to the notice of India that Pakistan has been sponsoring expeditions to the general area of the Karakoram. It was appreciated, that our expeditions would receive publicity in various journals, including foreign media and, thereby, further substantiate and confirm our de facto possession of the area. The following important expeditions were sent by India to the Karakoram :-

  • Teram Kangri in 1978 led by Col N Kumar

  • Saser Kangri in 1979, led by ColJagjit Singh

  • Apsara I in July 1980, led by Brig Thadani

  • Indra Col, Saltoro Kangri and Sia Kangri in 1981, led by Col N Kumar

  • Patrol Ibex Hunt in 1982

  • Patrol Polar Bear I and II in 1983

Our stand is that, from Point NJ 9842 the line runs north west along the watershed and joins Saltoro Kangri on the Saltoro watershed and then to Sia Kangri.


Op Meghdoot. In 1977, Col Narender Kumar led a 70-men team to the glacier and in 1981 walked the entire length of Siachen. On 13 April, 1984, we launched “OPERATION MEGHDOOT” (divine cloud messenger). Inspite of the opposition of Pakistani forces, we held on to the tactical advantage of the high ground. In 1987 as part of Operation Rajiv, Nb Sub (later Hony Capt) Bana Singh, PVC, led a team to assault and capture Quaid Post at 21,153 feet above sea level near Bila-Fondla. The post was renamed Bana Post in his honour.






Great Courage & Fortitude is the Norm


Unlike mountaineers, who usually climb during good weather, Siachen soldiers endure the worst that mountains can throw at them, year-round. A soldier stoically braves frostbite, snow blindness and pulmonary and cerebral edema. Blizzards can last several days. Winds reach speeds of 125 miles per hour; temperatures can plunge to minus 70 degrees. Annual snowfall exceeds 10 mtrs. During storms, two or three men have to shovel snow at all times. If they stop, they will never catch up and the post will be buried alive.


Sweat is a problem because it becomes ice in a soldier’s gloves and socks and makes him susceptible to frostbite. Even after a day’s exertion, most soldiers have little appetite at these heights. Rations come out of tin cans. Fresh supply is rare. An orange freezes to the hardness of a baseball; a potato cannot be dented with a hammer. After 50 strides, even a well-conditioned man is gasping for breath with his muscles in a tremble.


Sleeping is rarely done at night, for this is the most likely time for the enemy to sneak up. Sentry duty is bleak work. Hot water bottles do not stay hot for long. A relay must be set up to exchange frozen rifles for defrosted ones. But our vigil continues unflinchingly.



  • Altitude. The extreme high altitude of the Glaciers with resultant lack of oxygen lowers the will and instinct for survival. Body efficiency is lowered by 20 to 30%, at an altitude between 18,000 to 20,000 ft. Human body starts wasting at a high rate of 8 to 15% of body weight per month. Frequent turnover of personnel is essential. The maximum tenure on the Glacier is three months.

  • Temperature. The average winter snowfall is 10.5 m (35 ft). The summer temperatures vary from plus 10 to minus 20 degrees C and in winters from minus 20 to minus 55 degrees C, falling down to as low as minus 70 degrees C. This coupled with wind chill factor, creates extreme sub zero polar effects.

  • Avalanche Hazard. The confined Glaciers have extremely unstable avalanche prone slopes.

  • Ice Walls. At a number of locations, near vertical ice walls of heights varying from 50 to 1300 ft exist.

  • Glaciers and Crevasses. The crevasses could be from 40 to 50 feet in depth to bottomless ones. The temperature in crevasses is as low as minus 200 degrees and below. Crevasses require special skill and equipment to negotiate.



68th Infantry Day Commemorated


Gen Dalbir Singh, the Chief of Army Staff and Lt Gen Chandra Sekhar (Retd) paid homage at the Amar Jawan Jyoti on the occasion of the 68th Infantry Day on 27 Oct. Independent India’s first military operations commenced on 27 Oct, 1947 with the airlifting of a company of 1 SIKH led by Lt Col Ranjit Rai in a Dakota aircraft from New Delhi to Srinagar airfield. This valiant action saved J&K from the marauders from across the border. Since that day, 27 Oct has been observed as Infantry Day. Infantry Day is a tribute to the valour and spirit of the infantryman in protecting the sovereignty of the Nation.


8 GARHWAL Wins Cambrian Patrol 2014


8 GARHWAL won the Gold Medal in the prestigious Cambrian Patrol held at United Kingdom  rom 17 – 26 Oct. The Indian Army team won laurels from amongst 140 participating teams from all over the world. Ex Cambrian Patrol is an annual international military patrolling exercise in which units cover a 50-mile (80 km) course in less than 48 hrs while performing numerous military tasks throughout the rugged Cambrian Mountains and swamp lands of Mid-Wales, UK.


BPM at Kibithu


In furtherance of the aim to promote peace and cooperation between the Indian Army and PLA, a Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) was held at Kibithu, Eastern Arunachal Pradesh on 23 October. Chinese troops joined Indian Army troops for Diwali celebrations. The Indian Delegation was led by Brigadier Virendra Vats and the Chinese side was led by Senior Colonel Hu Xiao Bai. The two sides exchanged views on issues of mutual interest and the discussions were followed by a cultural programme comprising folk dances by various tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and a friendly Volleyball match. The meeting also marked formalising of Kibithu (Wacha) as an additional venue for Border Personnel Meetings and Flag Meetings in Arunachal Pradesh.


Lt Col Ran Bahadur Gurung’s VrC Presented to 11 GR


Late Lt Col Ran Bahadur Gurung’s VrC was presented by his daughter, Mrs Madhu Gurung, wife of Lt Gen Shakti Gurung, MS, to Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma, Col of the Regt 11 GR on 27 Oct. In 1971, Lt Col Ran Bahadur Gurung, while commanding 2/11 Gorkha Rifles, assaulted an enemy post in the Kargil Sector. The enemy brought down intense artillery and mortar fire and opened up with machine guns, inflicting heavy casualties on the assaulting troops. Realising the importance of silencing the enemy machine guns, Lt Col Gurung charged the enemy medium machine gun bunker with a handful of men and destroyed the gun post. For his act of conspicuous bravery, Lt Col Gurung was awarded the VrC.


After 21 Years, Mortal Remains Recovered at Siachen


On 27 Feb 1993, Hav Thukaram Vithoba Patil, 4 MARATHA LI was on a operational patrol in Northern Glacier. During the patrol the individual fell into a crevasse, and was not traceable despite numerous attempts to recover him. On 12 Oct 2014 a patrol of 12 MADRAS recovered the mortal remains of Havildar Thukaram on the Siachen Glacier. This is a reiteration-our resolve to never give up on our brother in arms and a testimony to the tenacity and determination of the Hav Thukaram Vithoba Patil Indian Army.


Army Combats Cyclone Hud Hud


Southern Comd undertook a massive rescue and relief effort for the victims of Super Cyclone Hud Hud on coastal Andhra Pradesh on 12 and 13 Oct. Army was requisitioned on 10 Oct 2014 and eight teams were deployed, apart from Engineering Task Forces and Medical teams at Srikakulam and Vishakaphatanam. Eight additional teams were deployed at Vishakhapatnam on 13 Oct. Another eight teams including medical teams consisting specialists were put on standby at Secunderabad. Nearly 250 stranded civilians were rescued from various locations.




Mt Zago Kangdi Expedition


A Mountaineering Expedition was conducted by the Ace of Spades Division to Mount Zago Kangdi (6240m), in the Siachen Glacier Region, from 06 Aug to 22 Sep. The unscaled peak was selected with an aim to inculcate the spirit of adventure, exploration and inquisitiveness. The team consisted of 18 members including six reserve members and a mix of experienced and first time climbers. The successful scaling of the summit is in keeping with the spirit of adventure and team effort amongst all ranks of the Ace of Spades Division.


Sappers Trekking Expedition


A trekking expedition was conducted by 268 Engineer Bridging Regt from 03 to 20 Sep. The Expedition was organised to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the raising of the Regt. The team consisting of one officer, one JCO and 10 OR covered a distance of 168 kms from Bir, Palampur to Manali over a duration of 16 days. The trek passed through Thamsar Pass (4665 m) and Kalihani pass (4725 m). The team interacted with villagers and delivered motivational talks to youth enroute.


Raid-De-Himalaya Car Rally 2014


Seven teams (five teams in extreme category and two teams in adventure category) from Indian Army participated in the 16th Maruti Suzuki Raid De Himalaya Car Rally 2014, which was conducted from 03 to 11 Oct 2014. The rally covered the route Shimla - Manali - Kaza - Komic - Dhankar - Kaza- Gramphoo - Sarchu - Dat - Debring - Sarchu- Manali. The rally ended at Manali on 10 Oct 2014. Prize distribution was held at Manali on 11 October. Lt Col Shakti Bajaj stood 5th overall in the extreme category and 2nd in the T1 category and Maj Himanshu Parekh stood 3rd in the T1 category.




Mrs Namita Suhag, the President AWWA,
lighting 48th AWWA Day Celebrations
on 23 Aug

HQ Western Command celebrated its
67th Raising Day on 15 Sep



9 Engineer Regiment organised a blood
donation camp on its Golden Jubilee at
Allahabad on 17 Sep

The Roarkey Risala, celebrated its
Golden Jubilee on 20 Sep


9 Sikh Light Infantry celebrated its 48th Raising Day on 01 Oct 2014 at UNIFIL (Lebanon)

4 MECH INF (1 Sikh) Celebrated its 66th Battle Honour Day at Jaisalmer on 13 Oct




ESM Rally at Dalhousie


A rally for ESM & Veer Naris from Himachal Pradesh was organized on 27 Sep at Dalhousie to felicitate their selfless contribution and service to the country and extend all possible support to make their post service life meaningful and comfortable. The aim of the rally was to create awareness about various ongoing welfare schemes. The rally included counters from State Bank of India, HDFC, Maruti, Honda two wheelers, Grievance Cell including representatives from Records, Postal Services, Military Band Display, Canteen facilities and Free Medical check up by a panel of 12 specialised doctors and free medicine distribution. Brigadier JS Bhardwaj reiterated Army’s commitment of providing all possible assistance to the ESM and Veer Naris and timely redressal of their grievances including ex- gratia relief to the soldiers.


ESM Rally at Bhopal


An Ex-Servicemen Rally was organised on 28 Sep 14 at 3 EME Centre, Bhopal under the aegis of 21 Corps. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the Chief Guest. GOC-in-C Southern Comd & GOC 21 Corps were also present. More than 1300 ESM/Widows and over 1200 dependents from Hoshangabad, Vidisha, Bhopal, Raisen and Sehore attended the rally. During the rally 10 Service Personnel were given Mobility Equipment and 10 Veterans of 1965 war and 23 other Widows were given cash rewards. Record Office Stalls, CDA (P), Pension Cell, AWPO, AWHO, AWES, ARO, DSC, Banks, FPO, URC, AWWA, Civil Administration stall and medical camp were important attractions of the Rally.


Veterans Rally at Gangtok


A Veterans Rally was organised by the Black Cat Division under the aegis of Trishakti Corps at Gangtok on 11 Oct. Shri Pawan Kumar Chamling, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim was the chief guest on the occasion. Approximately, 500 Veterans and their families attended the function and 32 Veterans were felicitated on the occasion. In a morale boosting speech to the Veterans, the Chief Minister increased the cash rewards to Gallantry Award Winners of the State from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 20 lakh, enhanced pension of World War II Veterans from Rs 1500/- to Rs 3000/- per month and sanctioned Rs 4.5 Cr for construction of rest houses and announced reward of Rs 15 lakh to Battle Casualties including assistance in jobs.




Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO) is a placement society, with its pan India presence helping our ex-servicemen in providing most apt and suitable manpower for every vertical to Corporate Sector/Govt.


Job Opportunities for Offrs :-

  • Admin Head. Kent RO Industries requires a Brig rank offr as Admin Head. Salary 15 Lakh - Negotiable.

  • Chief Security Offr. Requirement of Chief Security Offr at Lalru. Salary 10 Lakh –Negotiable.

  • Doctors.

  • Requirement of ESM Doctors (Gen Practitioner) at Mathura & Himachal Pradesh. CTC 15 Lakh - Negotiable.

  • Med Specialists - 38 ESM Doctors required at Delhi and Agra. CTC 20 Lakh - negotiable.

Job Opportunities for JCOs/OR :-

  • Reliance JIO Infocom Limited. Reliance JIO Infocom Limited is recruiting 1000 JCOs/NCOs as Field Engineering Officer with Annual CTC of 4.2 Lakh for the JCOs and 3.5 Lakh for NCOs. Selection process is in the progress and 550 ESM have been selected so far. Contact AWPO for further details.

  • Odisha Police(OSSF). 461 vacancies exist as Instructor NCOs and GD OR in Odisha Police, salary Rs. 17000/- for NCO and Rs. 15000/- for OR.

  • Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation. 2211 vacancies for Technical Grade II posts have been released out of which 5% post are reserved for ESM of Uttar Pradesh. Qualification Higher Secondary with ITI (Elect). For detail visit www.uppcl.org.

  • Bangalore Metro Rail Corp. 350 vacancies of Maintainer (30 res for ESM) & 130 vacancies for Train Operator (08 reserved for ESM). Knowledge in Kannada language is must. For details visit www.bmrc.co.in

AWPO : Contact Details


Toll Free no : 1800-11-9922, Tele No : 011-26100241/26186075/9717003700
Fax No : 011-26100241
Website : www.exarmynaukri.com, Email: exarmynaukri@yahoo.com & apajobs01@yahoo.co.in


College of Materials Management, Jabalpur Admission Notice


(An Autonomous College of UGC & Affiliated to Rani Durgwati Vishuwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur)
(“A” Rated by National Assessment & Accreditation Council)
MBA – 3 Years Distance Learning Programme
(Marketing, Finance & HRD)
Total Seats – 100
(75% for Defence personnel and dependents & 25% for Civilians)
Session commencing from Jul 2015
Prospectus along with application available at College of Materials
Management (University Cell), Jabalpur (MP), Pin 482001 for
450/- Cash/Local Cheque (By hand) & 500/- Multicity Cheque/DD

(for dispatch through post).
Written Admission Test (WAT) scheduled on 08 Feb 2015
For enquiry, contact : Registrar, CMM -0761 – 2604455, 2726532






Central Command AOR has approximately 7 Lakh ESM (Ex Service men) and a large portion of these fall under the category of senior citizens requiring varied support. Surya Varishth Vihar, established by HQ Central Command, is a noble venture providing all facilities of an Old Age Home. The home provides the veterans a safe and spacious environment, companionship of likeminded people, food and lodging at economical rates. A vehicle is available for movement to the Command Hospital, and taxi service is also available for personal use. Well furnished single rooms are tailor made to suit the requirements of veterans, whether they reside individually or with their spouse. Well constructed, hygienic & structured to suit the requirements of soldiers who are habituated to a disciplined routine, Surya Varishth Vihar is an abode for veteran soldiers who are looking for companionship and the life style that they are used to, if not provided to them by their family or society.


Brochure and Application Forms are available online at the website www.suryavarishthvihar.in and additional information can be obtained from mobile No 7607100493.


Email : suryavarishthvihar@gmail.com


Surya Varishth Vihar Society
C/O 11 Gorkha Rifles Regimental Centre
Kiranti Lines, Lucknow Cantt- 226002




AG’s Welfare Fund is being utilised for uplifting the quality of life of troops in various establishments. Recently, IHQ of MoD (Army) Transport Unit ASC was provided a grant of Rs 1,40,665/- to improve the safety features for the Despatch Riders of the unit. A stainless steel, heavy duty 40 kgs washing machine has been purchased to provide a much needed respite to the jawans.


In order to ensure the safety of DRs, the welfare grant has also been utilised for purchase of double crash helmets from CSD.


These steps will go a long way in ensuring improvement in the lives of jawans.




President AWWA Visits Asha School


Asha School Delhi Cantt is a school for differently abled children. The school is well organised/ equipped to train and educate differently abled children. The school presently has 84 children on its rolls. Mrs Namita Suhag, President AWWA met all the school children and staff on 05 Sep 2014. She praised the high standards and quality of education being imparted to the children. The children displayed their talent in their classes which was highly appreciated by all. The visit ended with distribution of sweets to the children.


Project Aahwan Delhi


Mrs Namita Suhag, President AWWA visited the project in 16 Sep 2014 and met the Veer Naris and other creative lady craftswomen at Project Aahwan, New Delhi. Project Aahwan was created in the year 2005, for the noble cause of empowering our Veer Naris through self employment & vocational training. Project Aahwan today provides an exhilarating sense of fulfilment & financial independence to 26 Veer Naris, 18 other wives of JCOs/ other ranks as well as two differently abled individuals.The project has now evolved into a well organised multi faceted production unit, but for a noble cause. President AWWA interacted with the ladies and complemented them for their courage, dedication and sincerity. She appreciated the quality output of their effort, which is competitive in its class.


48th AWWA Day Celebrations at Jaipur


Army Wives Welfare Association Day 2014 was celebrated at South Western Comd at Jaipur on 23 Aug 2014 with traditional élan and festivity. The programme included various events for health care and personality development of Army Wives. Lectures were organised on ‘Nari Suraksha’, saving and insurance schemes, modules for vocational training as well as educational facilities. The lectures focused on women empowerment and creating awareness about various schemes for women. The spirit of AWWA enshrined in its motto of ASHA, WISHWAS and AASTHA, was reaffirmed through this programme.





Message from Chief of Army Staff


It gives me immense pleasure in extending my heartiest felicitations to all sportspersons of the Army who successfully participated as part of Indian Contingent in 17th Asian Games 2014 conducted from 19 September to 04 October 2014 at Incheon, South Korea.


My special compliments to all the Medal Winners who have brought glory to the Indian Army. These achievements have been possible due to your hard work, dedication, grit and sincere commitment which has done the Nation proud.


I also compliment the sincere efforts of the “Mission Olympic Programme”, functioning under the aegis of Director General of Military Training, all coaches, support staff and administrators, whose support and guidance resulted in this remarkable achievement.


Jai Hind !


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