Date: 12 Dec 2012


1. A case has been taken up with PCDA (P), Allahabad to automate and revise PPOs of all Veterans, so as to incorporate all amendments made over the years. This would resolve all existing problems as also incorporate any subsequent changes.

2. It is intended to issue the PPO at the earliest and family pensioners are being given priority. To enable us to ascertain family pension accurately, certain data of family pensioners are required.

3. In view of the above, the details may be entered in the format enclosed so as to update and collaborate our data base. An early action would ensure a faster response and would be highly appreciated.

4. Details of family pensioners are attach as Excel Sheets as per category of commission in the Indian Army. Please verify data and any change to the data may be sent as updated Excel Sheet in the same format.

5. You are requested to ensure the following :-


(a) Subject of E-mail to be “PPO”.

(b) Attach the update Excel Sheet to your E-mail and send to :



Download List of Family Pensioner IC Series

Download List of Family Pensioner AI, EC, RC & TC Series

Download List of Family Pensioner SL, SS, WS & SC Series

Download List of Family Pensioner K, L, O, NTR & V Series


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