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25th Independence Anniversary Medal.

Vinsha Varsha Dirgha Seva Medal.

Nava Varsha Dirgha Seva Medal.

Commonwealth Awards.

Other Awards.


718. Supply of Medals/Decorations to Private Collectors, Institutions and Foreign Governments.— (a) Private collectors and quasi-official institutions will not normally be supplied with specimens of medals and decorations except in very exceptional circumstances. In the exceptional cases in which it is decided to supply a specimen, this will ordinarily be on payment.


(b) Official institutions duly supported by a foreign government and foreign governments may be supplied specimens of medals, normally on payment, and in exceptional cases, especially where reciprocity is involved, gratis.


(c) All requests falling under sub paras (a) and (b) above will be referred to the Government of India for approval. Army HQ and  lower formations receiving such requests will forward them to the Medal Section, Ministry of Defence for further necessary action.


719. General Service Medal 1947.— (a) This medal is awardable for service rendered with the Armed Forces under active service conditions or conditions akin thereto. Where appropriate, a clasp for each operation shall be instituted. An individual qualifying for the medal for the first time shall be awarded the medal together with a clasp indicating the particular operation for which it is awarded. For all subsequent operations for which the issue of a clasp is approved, the clasp indicating the particular operation shall only be awarded. The Bar of the clasp shall have the name or the place of the operation engraved on it.


(b) Persons eligible for the award are: —


(i) Officers, men and women of all ranks of the Army, of any of the reserve forces, of the Territorial Army, Militia and of any other lawfully constituted Armed Forces;


(ii) Matrons, Sisters, Nurses and the staff of the Nursing Service and other Services pertaining to Hospital and Nursing;


(iii)  Civilians on the authorised establishment of unit/formation of Armed Forces, who are enrolled or uniformed or liable for general service.


(c)   The following clasps for this medal have so far been authorised :-


(i) Clasp "Jammu and Kashmir—1947" — Authorised for service in Jammu and Kashmir operations between 27th Oct 47 and 1st Jan 49 for those who took part in battle or had put in an aggregate of 180 days service on the active strength of the unit/formation operating or located in specified operational or concessional areas.


(ii) Clasp "OVERSEAS KOREA 1950-53" — Authorised for operational service rendered by Army personnel who served on the active strength of the 60th Para Field Ambulance unit in Korea between 22nd Nov 50 and 8th Jul 53.


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