(Act VI OF 1948)


An Act to provide for the constitution of a Territorial Army


WHEREAS it is expedient to provide for the constitution of a Territorial Army, It is hereby enacted as follows .:—


1.Short title, extent and application.—(1)This Act may be called  the Territorial Army Act, 1948.


(2) It extends to the whole of India and applies to all classes of persons in the Territorial Army, wherever they may be.


2. Definition.—In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,—


(a) "enrolled" means enrolled in the Territorial Army under the provisions of this Act;


(b) "officer" means an officer of any of the two classes specified in section 5;


(c) "non-commissioned officer" means a person holding a non-commissioned rank in the Territorial Army, and includes an acting non-commissioned officer;


(d) "prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act;


(dd) "public utility service" means any undertaking which supplies power, light, gas or water to the public, or carries on a public transport, or maintains any system of public conservancy or sanitation and which is declared, by notification in the Official Gazette, by the Central Government to be a public utility service to which this Act applies :


      Provided that no such notification shall be issued unless the Central Government is satisfied that, having regard to the needs of the Territorial Army, the persons employed in any such public utility service should, in the public interest, be made compulsory liable for service in that Army under this Act;


(e) the expression "regular army" means officers and other ranks who, by their commission, terms of enrolment or otherwise, are liable to render continuously for a term military service under the Army Act, 1950 (XLVI of 1950); and


(f) all words and  expressions  used  herein  and defined in the Army Act 1950 (XLVI of1950) and not herein before defined, shall be deemed to have the meanings respectively attributed to them by that Act.


3. Constitution of the Territorial Army.—(1) There shall be raised and maintained in the manner hereinafter provided an army to be designated the Territorial Army.


(2) The Central Government may constitute such number of units of the Territorial Army as it thinks fit and may disband or reconstitute any unit so constituted.


4. Personnel of the Territorial Army.—There shall be the following classes of persons in the Territorial Army, namely,—


(a) Officers; and


(b) enrolled persons