simulator, innovation and design (sid)

In furtherance of ADB’s goal to empower the force modernization process as also identify and guide DRDO, PSUs, Academia and private industry on the  ‘Right Research thrust areas’ for the Indian Army’s requirements, SID based at Secunderabad aims to provide the technological expertise and advise in the related fields. SID has been established by re-designationand enhancing the charter of Simulator Development Division to work in the thrust areas of Simulators, Innovations and Design for the Indian Army.

  • Charter of Duties
    1. Centre of Excellence for in–house design and development of simulators.
    2. Provide technical advice on formulation of QRs for simulators, innovations and design of future weapon systems and equipment.
    3. Carry out feasibility study and undertake/sponsor projects/proof of concepts/technology demonstrators using available R&D funds on development of proposed simulators, innovations and design.
    4. Evaluate emerging military technology and trends, provide technological inputs for standardization and formulation of road map in the field of simulators, innovation and design.
    5. Assist in conduct of trials and evaluation.
    6. Update and upgrades to sustain existing projects/systems.
    7. Organize and participate in related seminars, studies, papers, training, courses, hiring/consultancy, etc.
    8. Maintain repository of related information on simulators, innovations and design aspects.  
    9. Interact with all stake holder and agencies involved in similar activities, and suggest way forward to users, R&D/production agencies, academia & industry.

Outline org     
Charter of SID Verticals

      1. To be the Centre of Excellence for in-house design and development of simulators for Indian Army and maintenance of central repository on simulation technology & products. 
      2. To act as the single point agency to carry out interaction with various stake holders like users, academia, industry, R&D labs, development/production agencies, etc on simulators. 
      3. Provide technical adviceon formulation of road map, training, sustenance guidance, assistance in preparation of QRs, trials etc for development/induction of simulators in Indian Army.
      1. Facilitate R&D and nurture creativity to translate ideas into innovations as per requirements of field army and provide technological advice/way-forward on R&D / innovations for in-service weapon systems/equipment  including evaluation of QRs, necessity of innovations, maintain central repository,  etc.  
      2. Responsible to undertake/sponsor projects/studies/training/seminars, etc through in-house R&D or partnership with DRDO/PSUs/academia/ industry, etc for innovation purposes.
      1. Providetechnical inputs and feasibility on design, development & technology for weapon systems/equipment as also undertake/sponsor projects and R&D for Proof of Concepts/technology demonstrators.
      2. Provide technical advice on formulation of QRs,recommend source for indigenous development orprocurement/acquisitions, address standardization issues, etc and  evaluate emerging military technology to  suggest road map to users, R&D/production agencies, academia & industry.
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