charter of army design bureau

Charter of Army Design Bureau

  1. Act as a central repository of technical know-how for the Indian Army

  2. To collate operational requirements from the field formations and bring it forward for deliberations with DRDO, OFB, DPSUs, Defence Industry and Academia

  3. To assist in formulation of GSQRs and Statements of Case in respect of Indian Army

  4. To collate and bring to fruition the Innovations undertaken by the field formations

  5.  Subsume Army Technology Board and Simulator Development Division in its organisation and adopt their charter

  6. Act as a nodal point to integrate and synergise the efforts of various Category ‘A’ establishments having domain specific centres of technological excellence

  7.  Generate long term research requirements for the Indian Army and share the same with the DRDO and Academia

  8. Assist in identifying various projects for the DRDO and be the single point contact with it