how to register



1. Register as a company under companies Act 2013/ register as a SME unit if not a company. Visit for more info.

2. Ensure your product meets the FDI stipulations as laid down from time to time by the Govt of India.

3. If defence product is subjected to industrial licensing, apply for it to the Dept of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) Ministry of Commerce and obtain the same. The products which need license are given at and have also been updated on “Important Information tab on “Make in India” portal of www.indianarmy.nic[dot]in.

4. Meet the norms/ conditions as stipulated by various state govts regarding setting up a plant/ factory etc.

5. Submit Information Proforma to the following (format att with the docu) :-

(a) Line directorates (Directorates of various arms & services) at Army Headquarter.

(b) Weapon Establishment directorate at Army Headquarter.

(c) Technical Manager (Land System), Acquisition Wing at Army Headquarter.

6. The information Proforma may be forwarded to these directorates at RFI stage or can be forwarded in advance. In case same is done in advance, the line directorates register the vendor in vendor data base. This will assist the vendors & the line directorate.

7. RFIs are updated on Ministry of Defence website/ Service Headquarter website. Vendors can answer the RFI/ respond by mail/ letter to line directorates.

8. Also see the Technological Perspective and Capability Roadmap (TPCR) as given on “Army Industry Interface” tab on “Make in India” portal of www.indianarmy.nic[dot]in.


1. Name of the Vendor/ Company/ Firm.


(Company profile, in brief, to be attached)

2. Type (Tick the relevant category).

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)                             Yes/ No

Authorised Vendor of foreign Firm                                        Yes/ No (attach details, if yes)

Other (give specific details)


3. Contact Details.

Postal Address :


City : _____________________         State : _________________

Pin Code : _____________________ Tel: _________________

Fax : _____________________         URL/Web Site : _________________

4. Local Branch/ Liaison Office in Delhi (if any).

Name & Address : __________________________________________________________

Pin Code : ________________ Tel : __________________ Fax : __________________

5. Financial Details.

(a) Category of Industry (Large/Medium/Small Scale) : ______________________

(b) Annual turnover : _________________ (in INR)

(c) Number of employees in firm : _______________________________________

(d) Details of manufacturing infrastructure : ________________________________

(e) Earlier contracts with Indian Ministry of Defence/ Government agencies:-

Contract Number Equipment Quantity Cost