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Army Air Defence College


Takshasila is an important archaeological site of Ancient India and is currently in modern-day Pakistan. It contains the ruins of the Gandharan city of Takshasila (also Takkasila or Taxila) an important Vedic/Hindu and Buddhist centre of learning from the 6th century BC to the 5th century.

The `seat of learning` for all students. This new training block provides state-of -art facilities for conducting classroom training. it encompasses state of art class room, training labs and faculty offices. it acts as a central hub for controlling all training actives.


Kurukshetra is a place of myths, legends, great battles, empires and the canvas of the epic Mahabharata. It is also the birth place of the most sacred text of the Hindus, the Bhagwad Gita. For centuries it has been considered the battle ground of the brave.

The complex where theoretical and practical knowledge amalgamate. It has training ground, simulators, equipment stripping rooms, and classrooms. Essentially the 'On Ground' training is imparted here.

AIMA Auditorium  

The auditorium has been named after late Maj Sushil Aima, KC who sacrificed his life while fighting militants in a dense forest near village Kopra, District Poonch, J& K to repulse an attack on army post. The fully air conditioned auditorium is being used extensively for conduct of Central Lectures, Guest Lecture and Presentations under Knowledge Development Programme.

Srikumar Hall  

The conference hall at Army Air Defence College has been christened on the name of Late Maj P Srikumar, KC, who sacrificed  his life while leading a Ghatak Platoon in 'OP SCORPION' undertaken by 27 RR Battalion. The hall is equipped with state of art environment control and high resolution projection system. All seminars and conferences are held here.

Partap Hall

Partap Hall is the Motivational Hall of Army AD College. All major events like opening and closing address of all courses of instruction being conducted at Army AD College are held here. The names of winners in various courses are written in golden letters on the honour boards.

Chandragupta Hall

Chandragupta Maurya, known simply as Chandragupta was the founder of the Maurya Empire. Chandragupta succeeded in bringing together most of the Indian subcontinent. As a result, Chandragupta is considered the first unifier of India and the first genuine emperor of India.

A state of the art Sand Model Discussion Room aptly named Chandragupta Hall has been made in the Kurukshetra Training Complex, which is equipped with the latest audio-visual training aids.

Class Room Variants  

Space has always been a constraint to impart training on Army Air Defence Radars. Army Air Defence College Boasts of first of its kind fully functional CRVs of USFM, Schilka, Flycatcher and REPORTER radars. These CRVs are being extensively used to impart realtime training to the entire class Simultaneously.


Extensive use of simulators is being made to impart training to students. The simulators of Tunguska Gun Missile System and L/70 Gun Systems have been recently installed at Kurukshetra.

Equipment Stripping Room

Working models, cut sections, sectionised parts and actual parts of the gun systems are available in the ESRs of L/70 and Zu 23mm gun systems to enable students to get hands down training

Computer Lab  

Consisting of 30 work stations to provide a one to one student to machine ratio. Internet and LAN facility is available. Sectionised models of hardware are displayed to teach configurations of computers.

Electronic Lab

 Equipped with state of the art experimental equipments and demonstrators for radar system, electronic warfare systems, digital and analogue electronics, fibre optics and communication systems including satellite communication.

Control & Reporting Complex

It provides training on the Tactical Air Defence Integrated Display System. Here an operator gets trained to carry out threat evaluation, target prioritization, weapon designation and to pass data duly corrected for parallax.

Combat Simulator Room  

Combat Simulator Room is an integrated simulation and training package incorporation Control and Reporting and Electronic Warfare (Non Communication) functions. It is used to provide training to radar and weapon system operators for engagement of multiple aircrafts in intense Electronic Warfare environment.

Low Power Jammer  

Two state of the art and automated Low Power Jammers to provide jamming signal to various radars held by Army Air Defence, by employing different noise and deception jamming techniques. The system is used to train radar operator to work under Electronic Counter Measure environment.

Gopalpur Seaward Firing Ranges

Army Air Defence College had an excellent Seawards Firing Range where all types of Army Air Defence Weapon System can be fired. Its availability as a part of the campus enables live firing practice to validate the theoretical knowledge imparted. The range has been recently re-notified and extended to 75 kms, to facilitate the firing of all types of Army Air Defence Weapon Systems.

Target support for various Air Defence Weapon System is provided by indigenously development Inter Services Pilotless Target Aircraft (ISPTA) Lakshya.  

Nalanda Library

Nalanda was a Buddhist center of learning from 427 BC to 1197 BC. It has been called "one of the first great universities” in recorded history. Nalanda was one of the world's first residential universities. The university was considered an architectural masterpiece. The library was located in a nine storied building where meticulous copies of texts were produced. Hence the library in the college is called the Nalanda Library.

'Reading Maketh A Man ' so goes an old age adage. Books and reference material on a plethora of topic catering to myriad requirements have been made available at the Central Library 'Nalanda'. For the cyber savvy internet connections are also available.

Adventure Activities  

Army Air Defence College is also an Aqua Node of Army Adventure Cell. Chattarpur Lake (20 Kms) from the college campus is the hub centre for all aqua adventure activities to include Sailing, Water Skiing , Rowing, Water Scooters and Para Sailing.

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