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The Jat Regiment

The JAT Regiment claims its origins from the Calcutta Native Militia raised in 1795, which later became an Infantry battalion of the Bengal Army. After 1860, there was a substantial increase in the recruitment of the Jats in the Indian Army, however, as a class, the JAT Regiment was initially created as Infantry units in 1897 from old battalions of the Bengal Army. In January 1922, at the time of the grouping of the Class Regiments of the Indian Army, the IX JAT Regiment was formed by combining four Active and one Training Battalion. Jats are known in Indian history for their skill with weapons and in combat. They had formed part of almost all successful armies of Indian feudal states.

The regimental insignia is the Roman numeral nine representing its ninth position in the regimental hierarchy of the Indian Army of the 1920s. The insignia also has a bugle indicating the Light Infantry antecedents of two of its battalions. The regiment draws its manpower mainly from the peasantry, except a few battalions, which have a mixed composition. The Regimental Centre is at Bareilly, UP, one of the few Centres to remain throughout at its place of origin since January 1922.

Battle Honours


Nagpur, Afghanistan, Ghuznee, Kandahar, Kabul, Maharajpur, Sobraon, Mooltan, Gujarat, Punjab, Ali Masjid, China, Kandahar 1880, Afghanistan 1879-80, Burma 1885- 87, China 1900, Afghanistan 1919, La Basse, Festubert, Neuve Chapelle, France and Flanders, Shaiba, Ctesiphon, Defence of Kut-al-Amara, Tigris, Khan Baghdadi, Mesopotamia, North West Frontier, Razabil, Kanglatongbi, Kampar, Malaya, Burma, Nungshigum, Jitra, Muar and North Africa.


Zoji La, Rajauri, J&K 1947-48, Ladakh, Phillora, Dograi, Punjab 1965, J&K 1971 and East Pakistan 1971.

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