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The Maratha Light Infantry

The MARATHA military qualities were brilliantly optimised in the historic campaigns against the Mughals and the British, under the leadership of Shivaji and succeeding rulers. MARATHA armies comprising both Infantry and light cavalry with the MARATHA naval power had dominated the military scene in India for three centuries. One of the famous regiments of the Indian Army, 1 MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY is also one of the oldest.  The MARATHAS came to special attention in the Great War and have maintained a record of dependability in war and peace.

The quick moving MARATHAS with their traditions of mountain warfare were ideally suited to and were formed into a light infantry regiment. The regimental Insignia is a bugle and chords with pair of crossed swords and a shield. They choose for their insignia as it best represented the light infantry mode of combat by skirmishers, controlled by orders issued on the bugles. The regiment wears the insignia with a red and green hackle.

The class composition of the regiment is primarily formed by hardy, frugal and disciplined people from the former MARATHA empire. The men are drawn form states of Maharashtra with some percentage from Marathi speaking areas of Karnataka including Coorg.  The Regimental Centre is at Belgaum, Karnataka.

Battle Honours


Mysore, Seedaseer, Seringapatanam, Beni-bu-Ali, Kahum, Mooltan, Goojrat, Punjab, Central India, China, Abyssinia, Afghanistan, Burma, British East Africa, Basra, Shaiba, Ctesphon, Kut-el-Amra, North West Forntier, Baghdad, Meggido, Sharon, Nablus, Palestine, Sharqat, Messopotamia, Persia, Tobruk, Shangro, Tengnoupal, Sangshak, Gothic Line, Ruywa and Senio.

Post Independence

Naushehra, Jhangar, Burki, Hussainiwala, Jamalpur, Burj and Suadih

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