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Adm and Coord

1.     Aim of raising of Additional Directorate General was to take over certain functions of coordination between various branches of the Army Headquarters and the administrative functions connected with the above which were being performed by Additional Directorate General Staff Duties.  In addition to the above, Additional Directorate General of Administration &Coordination is responsible to provide improved administrative support to handle the administrative management of the combatant personnel at the Army  Headquarters. The control of resources like Army Headquarters Camp, Army Headquarters Transport Company was previously being carried out by different branches in an adhoc manner

without any infrastructure.  Therefore, the Additional Directorate General was tasked to take over such functions.  The establishment is functional since 23 May 88.

2.     Additional Directorate General of Administration & Coordination was created as a result of  the long felt need of improving the administrative functioning of the Army Headquarters, as a part of its overall reorganisation sanctioned by Government of India, vide Ministry of Defence letter Number A/70012/SD-7/120-C/D(GS-1) dated 10 Mar 88.  The administrative instructions were issued vide Adjutant General’s Branch letter Number B/05412/Org 1 (PP & Coord) dated 16 Mar 88.


To promote excellence in functioning and modernisation of all activities related to administration and coordination facets of the working of Army Headquarters, with a view to effecting perceptive improvements in quality of life and working environment


The Administration and Coordination Directorate has two nodal functions, i.e. to coordinate the administrative activities where more than one branch/directorate is involved and to provide administrative support to all ranks posted to Army Headquarters.  The accomplishment of these role has been facilitated by placing the Army Battle Honours Mess (ABH Mess), Army Headquarters Camp, Army Headquarters Transport Company, Army Headquarters Static Workshop, Officers Welfare Transport (OWT) and Army Welfare Transport (AWT) under its command and control

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