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Army Service Corps
Our Motto And Role

The RIASC adopted the motto of the British order of the Garter "Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense" which rendered in English means "Shame be his who thinks ill of it", or "Evil to him who evil thinks" as is commonly understood.  It is the motto of the Premier Order of the Garter in Great Britain instituted by King Edward III In 1349.   The S&T Corps, when it was formed, quite naturally adopted the motto of the RASC, which was its founding Corps.  The motto was retained when the S&T Corps changed its title to IASC, and later in 1935 to RIASC till 1950.

Post Independence, it was decided to appropriately "Indianise" the motto.  Keeping in mind, the role of providing active support and the selfless devotion and dedication to service  that traditionally assigned duties of the Corps call for "SEVA ASMAKAM DHARMA" was adopted as the motto of the Corps.  These words enshrine the noble Indian ethos of 'Service'.  The path of service in Indian culture and philosophy has from time immemorial, been the path of the ultimate realisation and salvation.  "Service is our Creed"  has now come to be accepted as the most accurate English translation of the Corps motto. It was adopted as the official motto of the ASC in 1950.



The ASC is mainly responsible for the provisioning, procurement and distribution of Supplies, FOL, Fuels, Hygiene Chemicals and items of Hospital Comforts to Army, Air Force and when required for Navy and other para military forces.  The operation of Mechanical Transport except first line transport and fighting vehicles and the provision and operation of first and second line Animal Transport is also the responsibility of the ASC.  The other responsibilities include carriage and distribution of ammunition including mines, forward of the Corps Maintenance Area in the field in case of plains, and forward of Divisional Maintenance Area in case of mountain formation, packing of commodities for supply, loading of aircraft and ejection of loads, training and provisioning of clerks for all branches of staff at formation headquarters and the training and provisioning of catering staff in the army.  This Corps is a versatile one designed for the role with wide parameters for multifarious activities of immediate concern to the troops.

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