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Evolution of EME Crests

The IEME Crest

The crest of IEME was designed by Major General DR Duguid, the first DME and remained in vogue from 1943 to 1955. It was in bronzed brass with fine-pointed `Star of India’ surmounted by a crown and encircled by a thick wreath of laurels. I.E.M.E. were embossed on the base of the wreath. The Corps motto `Omnia Facimus’ meaning ‘We can do everything’ was inscribed. 


The IEME Crest

The badge was designed by Major SE Doig and taken into use from 26 Jan 1955. In 1967 the size of the crest was reduced to two-thirds of the original size. The badge is bi-metallic with the horse, chain and globe in white metal and the rest in gilt. The horse chained to the globe symbolises harnessed mechanical power with the lightning flashes depicting electrical energy. The globe is indicative of the impact of engineering on the world.

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