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The Kumaon and Naga Regiments Panchchuli Mountaineering Expedition

A team of Kumaon & Naga Regiments climbers successfully scaled Panchchuli Peak on 30 September 2004 evening at 1800h. This achievement is a great boost to the morale of entire adventure community since it comes in the wake of the tragic ITBP expedition where nine brave sons of our Nation lost their lives on the slopes of the same hills recently.


The Kumaonis, Nagas and Kumaon Scouts have a proud tradition in mountaineering and have been in the forefront of this activity in the Indian Army. Climbers of the Regiment have repeatedly been to Everest, Kamet, Nandadevi and Trishul etc.


Panchchuli massif lies in the Kumaon Himalyas and is a group of five peaks with maximum height of 22651 feet. They involve some of the most technical climbs and attract mountaineers from around the World. The first expedition was in 1929. In 74 years only a handfull expeditions have been succesfull. Infact the first succesfull Army team through Meola glacier also belonged to the Kumaon Regiment.

The present 22-member expedition led by Major S Sinha, Vir Chakra was flagged off on  18 August from Dharchula. Everester Subedar Chancal Singh was also in this team, which had to establish four camps before they could scale the summit. Heavy snowfall throughout the  expedition provided only few clear days and made each step even more treacherous, besides increasing the danger of avalanches. The determined brave hearts made steady progress and set the National, Army and Regimental flags atop Panchchuli II the highest Peak on 30 September at 1800h. On the last day conditions were so adverse that this team was out of communication for almost 18 hours. A second group of climbers from the same team scaled the Peak again on 03 October at 1200h to establish a new record.