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Army Air Defence College
Army Air Defence College

Army Air Defence College, a prestigious training institution of Army Air Defence is located in the lap of nature aside the majestic Bay of Bengal on the Eastern Sea Coast of India. The green an the pristine coastal landscape of the college is dotted with thousands of Cashew, Casuarina, Kewra, Kathal, Mango and Coconut trees giving it a delightfully unique environment.

The sprawling complex of the college, spread over more than 2700 acres of land, is brimming with state of the art training infrastructure and facilities belonging to the contemporary technologies, ably managed by a dedicated and possessed team of Instructors. In addition to Army, personnels of the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and students from friendly foreign defence forces also undergo various courses at Army Air Defence College.

The role of Army Air Defence College is to function as a "Centre of Excellence" on all matters concerning Army Air Defence.

The   Army   Air Defence College   has   an   illustrious history    dating   back   to   pre   independence   era,   when School  of   Artillery  was   located   at Quetta  and   Anti   Aircraft   Wing   was located   at Karachi.   When   India gained Independence School   of   Artillery a  nd  Anti  Aircraft Wing moved to Deolali. The Anti Aircraft Wing was renamed Air Defence Wing and placed under School of Artillery.

In 1955 a case was taken up to relocate Air Defence Wing due to lack of adequate ranges for gun and missile firing. In 1963 Government of Orissa offered 3000 acres of land at Gopalpur-On–Sea along with seaward firing range, which was accepted in 1968. In 1979, Government of India sanctioned the establishment of Air defence and Guided Missile School and Centre at Gopalpur –On – Sea.  Gopalpur Cantonment was inaugurated by late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 30 October 1984.

On 01 November 1989 Air Defence and Guided Missile School moved to Gopalpur-On-Sea. Air Defence and Guided Missile School was redesignated as Army Air Defence College in November 1998. In 2008 Army Air Defence Centre also joined Air Defence College at Gopalpur Military Station.

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