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Army Air Defence
Customs and Traditions

Regimental Crest

In 1994, after bifurcation of Air Defence Arty from the Regiment of Artillery, a committee was set up by Lt Gen PK Pahwa, PVSM under Maj Gen A Mukherjee, AVSM for selection of the Corps Crest.  The committee appointed National Institute of Design (NID), at Ahmedabad, for designing the ADA crest. The NID, Ahmedabad, with its faculty member, Mr Vijay Singh, designed the crest. The crest of Corps of Army Air Defence reflects the neo-facet of Army Air Defence.  The crest embellished in hues of silver and gold comprises a missile with radar antennae on either side. The fiery exhaust of the missile and the radar radiations emitting outward signify the ever readiness and omni-competence of the Army Air Defence gunners.  The crest is emblazoned with the Corps motto, “Akashe Shatrun Jahi”, which is engraved in Devnagri script on the scroll placed below.

Regimental Flag

The tranquil sky blue and the fiery red background, the official colours of the Corps of Army Air Defence, forms an ideal setting for the AAD crest, which is the centerpiece of the flag.  The sky blue colour depicts the clear sky under the reign of the gunners of Army Air Defence, using the firepower of their guns and missiles depicted by the fiery red colour.

Regimental Motto

In 1994, The  appositely  worded  Corps  motto  AKASHE SHATRUN JAHI, meaning “Kill the Enemy   in the Sky” was selected after due deliberations by the Colonel Commandants in Apr 96.

Guns as the Colour of the Regiment

On 2 March 1956, the honour of carrying colours was formalised in the Indian Army. The proclamation stated: "Colours would be entitled to all Corps, except the Regiment of Artillery, for whom the 'Guns' are the colours". Nothing could be more befitting. The AD Guns and Missile systems are the raison d'etre of the Corps of Army Air Defence and the symbol of its strength.

In keeping with the traditions inherited from Regiment of Artillery, a deep bond, reverence and attachment remains with the AD guns and the missile launchers. The esteem afforded to the guns and the missile launchers is evident even in peace time. The guns or the missile launcher are saluted when work starts in the morning or ends for the day. When a gun or a missile launchers passes in front of the quarter guard, it is given a “General Salute". This tradition is rigidly followed and reflects the respect that the personnel of AAD display at all times for their guns and the missile launchers.

Corps Song


The famous lyrist Dev Kohli wrote the lyrics of the corps song, based on the role and ethos of Army Air Defence. The lyrics were set to music and composed to be sung like a chorus by music director Anand Raj Anand.

The newly composed ADA Song was presented during the First ADA Reunion on 24 Dec 1998 at ADGM School and was declared as the official ADA Corps song in 2001.


The lyrics of ADA Song are as follows :-

Corps Band

The Regimental Pipe Band is being maintained by Army AD College, Gopalpur.
The Regimental Military Band was raised in 1995 at Army AD Centre. The band has taken part in various functions at national and international level.

The Regimental String Band known as 'Celestial Sentinels' was raised at Army AD Centre in Nov 2001.

The soldiers of Army Air Defence have contributed significantly in all the wars, with a large number of its personnel having made the supreme sacrifice of their lives. A War Memorial was constructed at Army AD College, Gopalpur in 1998 and was dedicated to the martyrs of Army Air Defence.

War Memorial

The war memorial, designed by Mr Deepak Panda, has a black granite wall with a pillar as its core design. On either side are sloping walls with names of all ranks, who have laid down their lives. The structure faces a memorial pit, conceived as a resting place for the mortals, evoking a sense of awe and reverence. The adjoining areas have been aesthetically landscaped to match the ambience.

The spade work for conceptualising the memorial culminated in a Bhoomi Puja in Nov 98, in the presence of Lt Gen A Mukherjee, PVSM, AVSM, DG AD Arty. The Commanding Officers and Subedar Majors of all ”Title Honour Units“ attended the function. The soil from the areas, where the units had won the honour titles were mixed with soil of the foundation.

The plaque at the entrance of War Memorial reads as follows : -

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