• Specialized and Technical Mandate related to all Army animals.

  • Breeding, procurement, rearing, training and issue of trained Army Equines.

  • Disease diagnosis, investigation & research in emerging diseases & treatment of sick animals.

  • Maintain liaison with national bodies on matter related to animal health, disease and research.

  • Inspection of foods of animals origin (Meat, Fish and Polutry) for prevention of zoonotic diseases.

  • Conduct Military & Technical Training of RVC Officers, JCOs and OR.

  • Training of Riders and Army Dog Trainers (All Arms, CAPFs & FFCs). 

  • Procurement, rearing, breeding, training & issue of Horses & Mules.

  • Provide Remount Veterinary element to NSG, SFF, Indian Navy, Assam Rifles, DRDO & UN MSN.