1.      United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) was established in July 2011.




2.      The United Nations Security Council adopted resolution number 2567 in March 2021 to continue the mission till March 2022. The following tasks are mandated :-


(a)     Protection of Civilians.


(b)     Creating the Conditions Conducive to the Delivery of Humanitarian Assistance.


(c)     Monitoring and Investigating Human Rights.


(d)     Supporting the Implementation of the Revitalised Agreement and the Peace Process.   


Force levels


3.   UNMISS has an authorised troop ceiling of 17,000 troops and a police ceiling of 2101 personnel, including 88 correction officers.


Indian Deployment


4.      Since 2011, Indian Army has contributed 19 Infantry Battalion Groups in the mission. Currently, India is the second highest troop contributing country with 2410 personnel including 63 Staff Officers and Military Observers. The Indian Army contingent includes two Infantry Battalions, one Engineering Company, one Signal Unit, two Hospitals and one Petroleum Platoon besides 44 Staff Officers and 19 Military Observers.