The prevailing security situation in the North East excluding Manipur has stabilized due to the concerted efforts of Army, Assam Rifles and other security forces under the overall aegis of the Central and State Governments. Violence levels have subsided significantly as compared to previous years. Presently, talks/ Suspension of Operation (SoO)/Cease Fire (CF) are underway with 17 major groups. State-wise security situation in the North -East is detailed as under :-


Assam: The security situation in the State is peaceful and under control. Calibrated operations by the Security Forces have significantly reduced violent activities of terrorist groups in the State. The Security Forces have established moral ascendancy over them.


Nagaland: Overall violence levels in the State have declined but inter-factional clashes between NSCN (K) and NSCN (K/K), which emerged after the split in NSCN (K), are continuing unabated as both these factions are trying to enhance their respective areas of influence. The Army and Assam Rifles are keeping the Under Ground groups under check and ensuring adherence of Ceasefire Ground Rules. Process for finding a permanent solution to the Naga issue is underway.


Manipur: The security situation in Manipur, despite reduction in violence levels, continues to remain tense. Operations by the Army and Assam Rifles (AR) are continuing. The de-notified area of Imphal Valley has emerged as the hub of violent activities in the state. SoO with Kuki and Zomi Under Grounds Groups has ushered peace in the Kuki and Zomi inhabited areas and they have been impressed upon to adhere to the SoO ground rules.


Arunachal Pradesh: The situation, though under control, remains dynamic as a result of the turf war presently underway between NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K). Intelligence reports indicate that the region is being exploited by insurgent groups for movement of cadres and arms/ammunition from/to Myanmar and proactive operations are being conducted by the Security Forces.


Tripura and Mizoram: The security situation is under control. The assembly elections have been conducted peacefully in both the states.