Honorary Commission

  • Twice a year on Independence Day and Republic Day.

  • Vacs based on auth str at the ratio of 12 Hony Lts for every 1000 JCOs and  one Hony Capt for every four Hony Lts.

  • Total Vacancies RD-06 Hony Lt -1060, Hony Capt-264. Minor variation depending on change in auth str.

  • Vacancies  split in ratio of 30:70 i.e. 30% Merit and 70% in Regt Quota.

  • Vacs further divided in ratio of 25% and 75% in two chances and last chances  categories.

  • Process commences with receipt of forms approx 4 months in adv and ends with pub of DGN.

  • Approx 20,000 forms recd on each occasion of which nearly 9000 pertain to active list cases.

  • Bd of offrs takes approx 45 days to complete the scrutiny, drawal of merit and finalise the list.