Command HRDCs

In this process of reorganization of educational training, Human Resource Development Centers (HRDCs) were established that came to occupy a prominent place since it was through these that the AEC sought to draw out the best in soldiers and to develop their potentialities to the maximum possible extent.

In terms of training support, the HRDCs were liberally furnished with multimedia facilities and specially trained AEC resource personnel were provided optimum instructional advantage. In general, the activities undertaken at different HRDCs are the conduct of PFC, Military Music Courses, Guidance and Counseling, Pre-Commission Training, Instructional Technology, Evaluation and Assessment, Library and Information Services Cadres, Information about Open School/University and Contact Programs, Self Improvement Workshops, Linguistic Skills Cadres, National Integration Programs, Public Relations Training (for Officers only), Rehabilitation Courses, all Ranks Science and Warfare Capsules, and Map Reading training. In addition, HRDCs also organise self-improvement workshops for officers in speed-reading, study skills and communication skills, including pronunciation.