CW-6 was raised as PS-10 in 1971 to look after the welfare of Gorkhas, both serving as well as ex-servicemen. Over a period, the section has also been tasked to coord the activities of Military Wing, Nepal to include the Welfare Branch, Pension Branch, Pension Paying Offices, Indian Ex-servicemen Welfare Organization in Nepal (IEWON) and also coordinate and control the various welfare activities conducted for the Nepal Domiciled Gorkha soldiers (bother serving and Ex-serviceman) in Nepal. The detailed charter of duties of CW-6 are given in succeeding paras.


Charter of Duties

  • Welfare of Gorkha soldiers in IA and Nepal domiciled servicemen and Ex-serviceman.

  • Plan and coord execution of welfare projects in Nepal in conjunction with DA, Nepal.

  • Rehabilitation & resettlement training of Gorkha soldiers (GRTU).

  • Coord activities of Indian Ex-servicemen Welfare Organisation in Nepal (IEWON) and attend annual meeting. Also coord welfare projects with KSB. (ADG C&W and Dir CW-6 ex-officio members of IEWON).

  • Monitor and process budget of Military Wing, Nepal, GRTU and annual foreign travel plan to Nepal.

  • Exec investments of corpus of IEWON funds (INFS, BGSN and ESWF).

  • Liaison with GTCs, GRDs and DA, Nepal.

  • Attend Gorkha Regt conferences/reunion and biennials.

  • Plan, org & coord welfare visits to Nepal (including medical & trekking teams).

  • Org & coord visit of AG & officers of Adjutant General’s Branch, President Gorkha Brigade, Colonels of the Gorkha Regiments and other officers to Nepal.

  • Review and obtain Govt sanction for establishment in Nepal and GRTU.

  • Assist/coord conduct of Annual Gorkha Brigade Conference.

  • Progress cases for revision of AO/AI on matters pertaining to Gorkhas.

  • Information cell for Ex-serviceman and widows of Gorkha Regiments.


Important Policy Updates Extension of ECHS Facilities to Ex-servicemen in Nepal. The sanction of the Govt of India for extension of ECHS facilities to Nepal domiciled Gorkhas Ex-serviceman stands approved (Auth : GOI, MOD letter M\No 22D/487/2006/US(WE)/D (Res) dt 14 Sep 10). One officer and two Clerks have been posted to Military Wing, Embassy of India, Kathmandu, Nepal to implement and commence work on the scheme.


CSD Facility to Nepal Domiciled Gorkhas Ex-serviceman. In the absence of any auth, Nepal domiciled Gorkhas Ex-serviceman settled in Nepal were denied Canteen Stores Department facilities in certain canteens near the Indo-Nepal border. The case was pursued with Canteen Stores Department, facilities have now been extended to cover Nepal domiciled Gorkha Ex-serviceman settled in Nepal by Quarter Master General’s Branch (Auth Quarter Master General’s Branch note No 96003/Q/DDG CS date 11 Nov 09).


Restoration of Withheld Portion of Ordinary Family Pension to Widows of Ex-serviceman in Nepal. The issue non receipt of full pension by the widows due to mismatch of name or non whereabouts of 2nd widow (if at all existing) had been continuously raised by Ex-servicemen Associations in Nepal at various forums. The issue was taken up with MoD, Govt of India, MoD has issued Govt sanction letter for resolving the issue on 23 Aug 12.


Non Acceptance of Part II Orders by PCDA (P) in Cases of More than 20 Years Age Difference Between Ex-serviceman and Spouse. Due to unique social customs prevailing in Nepal, it is often found that re-marriage cases are very common and acceptable in the society. The old Nepal laws (Muluki Ain) did not permit marriage where the age difference between man and lady was more than 20 years. The Record Office and PCDA (P) Allahabad were accordingly rejecting publish of Part II Orders claims. Issue has been resolved. An order on the subject has been issued by PCDA (P) to Records Office, Defence Wing, Nepal for necessary action.


Construction of Hostel at PPO Pokhara, Nepal. On the popular request of Ex-serviceman in Nepal, a case was projected for construction of a Hostel for wards of Ex-serviceman & service personnel in PPO Pokhara co-located with Nepal Bharat Maitri Vidyalaya. The Chief Of Army Staff during his visit to Nepal in Jul 2012 has conveyed to sanction of Govt of India for Rs. 2 Crores for construction of a Hostel for wards of Nepal domiciled Gorkhas (both serving and Ex-serviceman) of Indian Army. The MEA has sanctioned an amount Rs. 2 Crores for constr of hostel.


Conduct of Special Paying Camp at Diktel, Nepal. Govt of India, MoD has sanctioned conduct of Special Pension Paying Camp (SPPC) at Diktel, Nepal.


GRTU, Raiwala. GRTU Raiwala was set up in 1973 on the directions of the then Chief Of Army Staff, Field Marshal SHFJ Manekshaw, Padam Vibhushan, PVSM, DSO, MC to impart vocational training to Gorkha soldiers serving in the Indian Army to provide them additional sustenance and livelihood after retirement/release from service. Following courses are conducted at the establishment :-

  • Welding and Fabrication.

  • Driving and Auto Repair.

  • Construction and Plumbing.

  • Electrical and Refrigeration.

  • Security.

  • Carpentry.

  • Electronic Appliance Repair.

  • Agriculture.

Coord Visit and Mov to Nepal.

  • Officers of AG’s Branch.

  • President Gorkha Brigade.

  • Cols of Gorkha Regiments (Two each year).

  • IEWON delegation.

  • Pre-despatch formalities for officers posted to the Military Wing, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Visit by Col of the Gorkha Regiments to Nepal. Each year two Colonel of the Gorkha Regiments undertake a visit to Nepal. The visit are fully subscribed to and undertaken as scheduled.


Visit by Medical Welfare Teams. 15 Indian Army Medical Welfare Teams visit interior and remote Areas of Nepal each year, where special treatment is provided. These teams consist primarily of specialist to including Medical, Eye, Dental, Pediatrician and Dermatologists.


Visit of Regimental Trekking Team to Nepal. Every year seven teams comprising of two officers (one from each Gorkha Unit) undertake visit to Regimental Recruitment Areas in Nepal. The trekking teams interact with the Ex-serviceman and families of serving Gorkha Soldiers to gain first hand info about their well being, evaluate the welfare schemes and disseminate imp info of use to the Ex-serviceman.




IHQ of MoD (Army)/CW-6

Tele No - 23018414

Defence Wing, Embassy of India, Kathmandu, Nepal

Defence Attache - 0977-1-4413412

Welfare Branch - 0977-1-4412597

Pension Branch - 0977-1-4415609

ECHS Branch - 0977-1-4001569

Gorkha Resettlement Trg Unit (GRTU), Raiwala

Tele No - 0135-2484016

Gorkha Recruiting Deport (GRD) Kunraghat & Ghoom

Tele No - 0551-2273659,03542-257176