Veterans Corner

The folowing relaxations are being given to Sons of Ex Servicemen, war Widows and Widows of Ex servicemen for recuitment into the Army as offr & JCOs/OR respectively:-


(a)     5% reservation has been provided to widows of defence personnel for short service Commission Women (Technical and Non technical), out of this 2.5% of the notify vacancy is reserved forSSCW (Non- Technical) and remaining 2.5 % for SSCW (Tech). The application for SSCW (NT) is directly routed through Recruiting Directorate and the candidate need not appear for CDSE.

(b)     4 Yrs relaxation in upper age has been granted to the widows of defence personnel for SSCW (Tech & Non Tech).

(c)     Widows of Defence personnel, with/without children, can apply. For others only unmarried women candidates are eligible to apply.

(d)     10% vacancies have been earmarked for wards of battle casualties, out of fixed vacancies of NCC entry. Mandatory eligibility criteria of NCC 'C' certificate has been dispensed with.


1.     As per Appx ‘A’ to SAO 6/S/2005 the following cat will be permitted relaxation in physical standards as mentioned against each :-


Ser No  Cat Height (CM)  Chest (CM)  Weight (Kg) 
(a) Sons of servicemen, Ex-servicemen, War widow of Ex-servicemen 2 1 2
(b) Adopted sons/son-in-laws of a war widow,  if she has not son 2 1 2

Note :-     An eligible candidate can be granted prescribed relaxations in all three measurements i.e Height, Chest and Weight.  However, he can not claim dispensations of more than one cat i.e parents/sportsmen.  

2.     Incentive for Enrolment of various cat.     Bonus marks will be awarded as fixed numbers of marks to the following cat of candidates , in preparation of Merit list while being enrolled by the Army Recruiting Office vide Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) letter No 62536/Rtg 5 (OR) (A) dated 09 Oct 2007 :-


Ser No  Cat Sol (GD) Total Max Marks 200

  SOS/SOEX/SOWW/SOW (One son only)

  20 Marks

Note :-

(i)         He above marks are fixed depending upon the eligibility of a candidate and has no relations to his performance in CEE.  

(ii)        Only one type of Bonus marks (Max of the permissible will be added to the total.  To elaborate for Sol DG, son of Ex-servicemen will NCC ‘B’ certificate will get 20 Marks only and not 20 + 10 = 30 marks or not only 10 marks.  

3     Instant Enrolment      One Son/ Brother of Battle casualties are eligible for Instant enrolment in the Army through respective Regimental Centres provided they fulfill the laid down Age, Physical and Medical QR.

4.     In deserving cases relaxation in Physical, Medical and Educational standards, over and above the prescribed concession, can be granted by the Adjutant General on case to case basis duly justified by the Enrolling Officers  and recommended by ADG Recruiting.

5.     While being enrolled under Unit Headquarters Quota by the Regimental centres, priority is accorded to Sons of War widows, Widows and Ex Serviceman of the respective Regiments.