1.   Title.  Regiment of Artillery Association (RAA)

2.   Patron in Chief.  The President of India.

3.   Patron.  The Chief of the Army Staff.


(a)     President. The Senior Colonel Commandant of the Regiment of Artillery.

(b)     Members. All other Colonel Commandants of the Regiment of Artillery.



      (a)     Secretary.

      (b)     Treasurer.

      (c)     Curator.

      (d)     Staff as authorized from time to time by the Central Committee.


6.    Membership.  Every serving gunner is eligible to become a member by voluntary donation   to the RAA trust at the rate of Rs 5000/- per Officers and Rs 2500/- per Other Rank at the   beginning of his service in Artillery. The donations will contribute to the “Trust Corpus” and   annual interest derived from this Corpus will be utilized for various activities of the Trust. The   donations made are non-refundable. Erstwhile Artillery Benevolent Association (ABA) members are also treated at par with RAA members.




7.          Unless changed otherwise.

            (a)    Gunner. It means an attested/commissioned Regiment of Artillery man of any rank, serving, discharged or retired.

            (b)    Family. It means wife, children including step children and adopted children-male children upto the age of 21 and female children upto the age of 25, if unmarried.

            (c)    Dependent. It means parents, brothers below 21 years, unmarried sisters below25 years and any other near relative who, on verification, is established to be solely dependent on the member.

            (d)    Distress. It means the state of monetary difficulty caused due to one or more of the following reasons :-

                        (i)     Natural calamities such as scarcity, drought, flood, fire, earthquake, landslide, cyclone or the like.

                        (ii)    Physical incapacitation such as disablement (total or partial), old age and so on.

                        (iii)    Monitary distress/pecuniary, not able to maintain one self.

            (e)     Relief. It means assistance given as a grant, or gift for relief from distress. It may be given by paying money in lump sum or by instalments, spread over periods as prescribed by the concerned authorities or supplied in kind such as sewing machine, hosiery                                  machine, artificial limb/device/surgical appliances and so on.

            (f)     Member. It means an admitted gunner to RAA on conditions as laid down in this Charter and includes one who is deemed to have agreed, at the time of his entry, to accept the Governing Body of RAA, as the paramount and appellate body in governing the entire affairs              of RAA, acting on his behalf and representing him all along in taking decision or dealing with any matter whatsoever concerning RAA. Members of erstwhile ABA will also be treated at par.

            (g)     Donation.  Donation from a gunner means money voluntarily given by him to the ‘Trust Corpus’ of the RAA with the express desire of the contributor to become a life member of the RAA and so receipted. Donations may also be received from well wishers of the Trust.                Such donations to the RAA by well wishers attract deductions in income tax, under IT Act 1961, Sec. 80(G) vide Commissioner of Income Tax, Nasik letter No PRO/80G/2000-01 dated 30 Mar 2001 subject to the aggregate donation being more than Rs 250/-.


8.    Aim. The aim of the Association is to look after the interest of all members and their families, both while in service and after retirement.


9.         Objectives. The objectives of the Association are :-

            (a)     Provide ex-gratia relief to Next of Kin in the event of death of a memeber.

            (b)     Provide distress relief to members, their families or dependents in the event of natural calamities, physical incapacitation, destitution, poverty and so on.

            (c)     Extend medical relief to paraplegic cases (not in receipt of pension) for treatment of physical and mental ailments and convalescence.

            (d)   To undertake welfare projects for common benefit of a large cross section of members.

            (e)     Provide scholarship to deserving children of members in professional colleges.

            (f)   Honouring outstanding achievers with exceptional merit of the Regiment of Artillery.

            (g)    To promote the eficiency of the RAA by:-

                        (i)     Maintaining contact with the members of the RAA and look after their welfare.

                         (ii)     Fostering 'esprit de coprs', comradeship and preserving its traditions.

            (h)   To help members in post retirement settlement through networking.

            (j)     Provide for upkeep of Artillery Museum and library.

            (k)    To maintain archives.

             (l)    Through web site keep in touch with all Gunners, provide greater transparency and information relating to RAA.