Procedure For Army Assistance to TV Serials/Documentaries

1.     Request for making of TV programmes/serials/documentaries must be forwarded to Under Secretary, D (GS-1), MOD, South Block, New Delhi-110011. Phone No 91-11-23012205

2.     MOD/D (GS-I) after initial screening forward the proposals/requests to ALC, DGMI, Army HQ.

3.     Following documents must accompany the request :-

(a) Four copies of the script pertaining to TV programmes/serials/documentaries

(b) Four copies of the synopsis

(c) Army assistance required for making of the TV programmes/serials/documentaries.

(d) Compete details regarding Army assistance required along with the dates must be submitted with the request.

(e) Letter of Commissioning from DD/any TV Channel

Procedure For Army Assistance to TV Serials/Films


1.     All TV Serials, Documentaries, Commercial and Training films related to Army require clearance of Army HQ and / or Ministry of Defence (MoD). Also there exists a procedure to seek Army assistance in the form of resources / shooting in various Army locations or area controlled by it.

Processing of Proposal

2.     The basic responsibility for processing of proposals is as follows:-

(a) TV Serials and Documentaries - ADG Strat Comn.

(b) Commercial Films - ADG SD (SD - 1).

(c) Training Films - MT Dte (MT-11).

3.     The chain of processing the proposal is as follows:-

(a)    TV Serials and Documentaries. MoD [Dir (G)] - ADG Strat Comn - MI -11 - MoD [Dir (G)]. ( Though proposals can be entertained by ADG Strat Comn directly, but these would ultimately be cleared by MoD).

(b)    Commercial Films. MoD[ Dir (G)] - ADG SD (SD-1) - ADG Strat Comn - MI -11 - ADGSD (SD-1) - MoD [Dir (G)].

(c)    Training Films.

(i) Since Training Films are generally meant for internal environment only, these are to be processed by respective Dte / Br through MT Dte and MI-11.

(ii) In case a Civil Agency / Person is involved in making of the Training Film, then permission of MoD is required to be sought through MT Dte for making the film.

(iii) In case the Training Film is to be screened for civil audience, permission of MoD is required to be obtained.


4.     The following documents are required to be submitted for processing a case related to TV Serials, Documentaries and Commercial Films :-

(a)    Complete details of the Film / Serial Producer and related Production House/Agency.

(b)    Four copies of the 'Synopsis'.

(c)    Four copies of 'Detailed Script'.

(d)    Complete details of Army assistance required with regard to :-

(i)    Location.

(ii)   No of men (Offrs / JCOs / OR).

(iii)  Type and No of wpns and eqpt.

(iv)  Transport by land / air.

(v)   Boarding / Lodging.

(e)   Tentative Shooting Schedule.

5.     Request can also be made for Audio / Video Footage from AFFPD (Armed Forces Films and Photo Division).


6.     In case of TV Serials, Documentaries and Commercial Films, the MoD accords the final sanction for execution of the project after the proposal is cleared by ADG Strat Comn / SD-1 and MI-11.

7.     Wherever Army assistance is sought , the Producer has to enter into a formal 'Agreement' with MoD. The Army assistance is to be provided only as per the provisions of the Agreement.


8.    All TV Serials, Documentaries and Commercial Films related to Army require clearance of ADG Strat Comn from Army's image point of view and Security Clearance from MI -11. This is organised through a preview by a 'Preview Committee' having members / reps of MoD and PRO (Army) in addition to reps of ADG Strat Comn and MI -11. Reps of other Services (IAF & IN) and other Dtes/ Branches are incorporated on required basis.

9.    While all Trg Films would require security clearance of MI -11, clearance of ADG Strat Comn is required as and when a Trg Film is to be cleared for public viewing.

10.   The final version of the TV Serial / Documentary / Commercial Film should be submitted for preview at least two weeks in advance to enable the Producer to make changes if required and resubmit it for review. Once the film has been cleared by the 'Preview Committee', clearance for telecast / public viewing is given by :-

(a) TV Serials  - ADG Strat Comn.

(b) Documentaries - Dir (G), D(GS-1), MoD.

(c) Commercial Film - ADG SD (SD-1).

11.  The Pgme / Film would only be telecast / screened after the requisite clearance.


1.    The above procedure can, at times, take up to 90 days for processing of the request, due to inadequacies in submission of proposal / documents or due to coordination with the Army Units / Formations who may be otherwise preoccupied. It is, therefore, advised that the detailed proposal be submitted 90 days in advance to enable timely processing and approval.

2.    Use of air effort for transportation of film crew (civilians) requires Ministerial Sanction, which takes time.

Media Interaction

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