Wearing Of Medals Ribbands

1. Full medals

(a) Occasions for Wearing Full Medals. Will be worn on all ceremonial occasions with shirt terry cotton or tunic dark-green. They will also be worn with summer mess dress or tunic dark-green while attending official functions at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Raj Bhavans, Raj Nivases and formal receptions at the residences of the three Services Chiefs between reveille and retreat. At present and till the introduction of tunic dark-green the medals will be worn, in winter, with Service Dress.

2. Miniature Medals 

(a) Occasions for Wearing Miniature Medals

(i) With mess dress, summer and winter, between retreat and reveille.

(ii) With lounge suit, dinner jacket or national dress on corps or regimental days, 
at Officers' and JCOs mess functions during reunions and biennial conferences, official
social functions hosted by ministers and three service chiefs or any other function
when specified.

3. Medal Ribbands

(a) Occasions When Worn. On all occasions when wearing uniform, except when
wearing the following:-

(i) Over garments (great coat, short great coat, coat parka, smock denson or jersey
(ii) Combat dress.
(iii) Full medals or miniature medals.

4. Chief of the Army Staff Commendation Badge To be worn by those commended on all types of uniforms except those on which medal ribands or full medals or miniature medals are not worn such as combat dress, over-garments and so on. It would be worn on the left breast pocket flap immediately above the button-hole. However, when full medals are worn it would be worn immediately below the button on the left breast pocket.