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Discontinuation of medical Benefit Scheme and Introduction of ECHS  

With the implementation of the Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS), which is a compulsory scheme for all retiring defence personnel with pension, new membership of AGI Medical Benefit Scheme has been discontinued with effect from 01 Apr 2003 .  

The existing AGI Medical Benefit Scheme will only be operative till 31 Mar 2006 .  The existing members of MBS can join ECHS.  After joining ECHS, members to send MBS Card and intimate details of their account number and bankers to obtain fund of one time subscription paid by them, at the time of their joining AGI Medical Benefit Scheme.  

Rates of ECHS Contribution


(Uncommuted Basic Pension + Dearness Pension)
Rate of One Time Subscription
  Upto Rs 3000/-    Rs 1800/-
  Between Rs 3001 to 6000/-    Rs 4800/-
  Between Rs 6001 to 10000/-    Rs 8400/-
  Between Rs 10001 to 15000/-   Rs 12000/-
  Above Rs 15001/-    Rs 18000/-

Eligibility Conditions  

Ex-servicemen drawing pension/disability pension or widows/next of kin who are in receipt of family pension are eligible to apply for ECHS membership.  

Ex-servicemen who are not drawing any pension are NOT entitled for ECHS membership.

Ex-servicemen who are members of any other Government Medical Scheme are NOT entitle to become ECHS members.  Simultaneous membership of two Govt Medical Schemes is not permitted.  

Dependant.     Ex-servicemen eligible to apply for ECHS membership are permitted to include name of their dependents are under :-  

Wife/Husband     (Name should be recorded in service records of the pensioner)  

Unemployed sons below 25 years of age.     Married sons, eve through below  25 years of age, are NOT permitted to be included as ‘dependents’ (Name should be recorded in service records of the pensioner).  

Physically/Mentally handicapped children for life.     (Certificate for physical/mental handicap duly signed by a service specialist is required as supporting document). In addition proof of dependency to be attached.  Onset of disability after the age of 25 years is not eligible for membership.         

‘Wholly dependent’ parents.     Parents whose monthly income from all sources exceeds Rs 2550/-pm are NOT eligible to be included as dependent’ (Name should be recorded in service records of the pensioner).  Father/Mother who are retired employees of Central Govt/State Govt/PSU would necessary be drawing a pension of over Rs 2550/- per month.  Such personnel cannot be termed dependent.  

In case of widow pensioner.     The parents of the deceased soldier are permitted to be included as dependents, provided their monthly income from all sources does NOT exceed Rs 2550/- (Name should be recorded in service records of the pensioner).  

In case a widow remarried and is in receipt of pension she and her children are entitled to become ECHS members.  However, her present husband and children from present husband are NOT permitted to be included as dependents.  

Grandparents/grandchildren are NOT permitted to be included as ‘ dependents’.

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