1.      World Record in PHHG.     IA Hang Gliding (HG) Team Challenged the existing record for the longest unbroken flt in a straight line without landing of 313.3 Km. A New World Record has been successfully est by Nk Sanjeev Kumar by covering the distance of 464 km in 8 hrs and 43 mins. Details have been fwd to Aero Club of India (ACI) for rectification of New World Record in two categories ‘Indl & Team’ by Federal Aeronautic International (FAI). 




2.      Trans India Hot Air Ballooning Expdn Jai Bharat.      Army Level Trans India Hot Air Ballooning Expdn Jai Bharat from Jammu to Kanyakumari is under progress wef 08 Oct to 31 Dec 2018 and covering a total areal distance of 3186 km. Team is presently at the concluding phase and the event is likely to culminate on 31 Dec 2018 at Kanyakumari.



3.      Army Women Officer Summit to Mt Stok Kangri 6153M.       Indian Army Women Winter Expedition to Mount Stok Kangri (6153m) consisting of seven Women Officers and a team of 2nd Bn The Ladakh Scouts Regt was Flagged Off by  Lt Gen SK Upadhya, SM VSM, GOC, 14 Corps on 04 January 2018.  First team consisting of 06-01-06 summitted on 08th Jan 2018 and second team consisting of  04-00-06 summitted on 09th Jan 2018.  Team moved to Leh on 11 Jan 2018.  Expdn was Flagged In by DGMT on 17 Jan 2018.                                                   




4.      Indian Army Women Expedition to Mt Bhagirathi (6512M).  The team consisting of 12 Offrs (incl 09 Women Offrs), 02 JCOs and 15 OR (incl NA & Sig Opr) participated in the expdn  wef 14 May to 11 Jun 2018.  The team has est a new world record of performing yoga at highest point on Mt Bhagirathi-II at 19022ft.




5.      Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition Cum Selection Trial to Mt Kamet (7756M) 2018.         The team was flagged off on 13 Aug 2018.  It made two attempts for the summit on 11 Sep 2018 and 20 Sep 2018.  The expdn was called off due to bad wx. However, the entire team has undergone adequate trg and trials during the said expdn.  The other aim of the expdn has been met by identifying the indls for undergoing Winter Trg for Mt Makalu Expdn.




6.      Jt Indo Bangladesh Trekking Expedition to Nanda Devi East Base Camp 2018-19.    Jt Indo-Bangladesh Trekking Expedition to Mt Nanda Devi East Base Camp has been conducted wef 28 May to 10 Jun 18.  The team comprised of 14 members from Indian Army and 10 members from the Bangladesh Army. 




7.      Around Indian Peninsula Sailing Expedition by MCEME, Secunderabad. Around Indian Peninsula Water Sailing Expedition from Haldia to Porbander was conducted wef 21 Oct to 30 Nov 2018.  33 Offrs, six JCOs and 31 OR participated in the said expedition. The expedition was cast off from Haldia on 21 Oct 2018 and reached Porbander on 30 Nov 2018.



8.      3rd Rustom Ji WWR Challenge Cup 2018.        3rd Rustom Ji WWR Challenge Cup 2018 was successfully conducted from 29 Oct to 31 Oct 2018 on River Ganga at Raiwala.  Two teams of Indian Army (Army A Team and Army B Team) participated in the said expedition and secured first two posns in the competition.






9.      Army Adventure Challenge Cup 2018.     Army Adventure Challenge Cup 2018 was conducted from 11 Nov to 17 Nov 2018 at Raiwala under the aegis of HQ Central Comd.  The challenge cup had three events to include cycling for a distance of 14 Kms followed by hill running for 11 Kms culminating with White Water Rafting for 16 Kms.  11 Teams to incl six teams from all Comds and teams from Air Force, Indian Navy, BSF, ITBP & ICG participated in the event. Southern Comd secured first posn and Western Comd and South Western Comd secured second and third posns respectively in the event.




10.    1st IMF All India Sports Climbing  (Speed) Competition.    1st IMF All India Sports Climbing Competition was held wef 26-27 May 18 at JRD Tata Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.  12 NCOs/OR from Indian Army participated wherein Nk Pema Bhutia won Gold Medal and Spr Biraj Dar Dhiraj won Bronze Medal.


11.    1st IMF All India Sports Climbing (Lead) Championship 2018.   1st IMF All India Sports Climbing (Lead) Championship 2018 was held at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir wef 24 Jun to 25 Jun 2018.  Out of total 42 Participants, six indls from Indian Army participated and  Hav Somnath Shinde won Silver Medal in men’s open cat.




12.    15th National MTB Championship 2018.      15th National MTB Championship 2018 was conducted from 26 Oct to 28 Oct 2018 at Pune by  Cycling  Federation  of India.  17  x  members  (incl  one res) of  Army Adventure MTB team participated in the subject championship and Rfn Mukesh Kumar won Gold Medal in Mens Elite event.




13.    20th Raid-De-Himalaya Car Rally 2018.      20th Raid-de-Himalaya Car Rally 2018 was conducted wef 08 Oct to 14 Oct 2018 in Leh region.  Ten teams of IA participated in Gypsy Cat and four teams in Bike Cat.   Indian Army team stood over 1st Runner Up in the said Rally.



14.    La-Ultra Marathon 2018.    A team of three offrs, one JCO and seven OR of IA participated in the 111 km cat in the Ultra Marathon.  Continuing their winning streak in the prestigious event, the top four positions were secured by Ladakh Scouts runners.  Lt Col Romit Barthwal became the first non-Ladakhi to give a record time of 14 hrs and 30 mins for the dist of 111 km.



4.      24th  IMF National Sports Climbing Championship 2019.     24th  IMF National Sports Climbing Championship 2019 was held at Bangalore wef 27-30 Jan 2019. Six athletes from Indian Army participated in the said event and Nk Pema Bhutia won Gold Medal in speed climbing event.