Modernisation and Future

The primary charter of the Corps centres around human resource development specific to the evolving combat imperatives, and in response to the changing organizational needs and ongoing general re-structuring, the Corps incorporates inherent flexibility to extend its functional role into other related areas.

Modernisation Projects. Based on the evolving professional requirements in consonance with emerging technologies, the equipment modernisation projects for the Corps are set down as under:-

(a) Hi-tech Classrooms. Upgradation of the existing class rooms using modern audio visual equipment such as computers and Video Projection Systems would be an inescapable requirement in the future for multi-sensory instruction.

(b) Intranet. This would imply the automation of all functional areas, with nodes available for major functionaries and would later be integrated with the Army Intranet, once permitted.

(c) Instructional Monitoring System. This would allow the senior management to monitor all instruction from a single location, thereby fostering greater accountability and commitment.

(d) Internet & Media Connectivity. The unlimited sweep of the Internet is required to be harnessed and integrated with day-to-day functioning of the College. Networked terminal labs are proposed to be set up in areas of need.

(e) Fully Automated Library. Most libraries are planned to be fully automated with an integrated library management system to enhance functional efficiency. 

(f) Computer-based Language Labs. Computer-based language labs with the requisite software would facilitate the teaching of English, foreign and regional languages and would allow the use of the latest language teaching software. 

(g) GIS for Map Reading Training. Integrating the Geographical Information System technology into map reading training would allow the trainees to acquire skills in the use of this state-of-the-art technology in the larger interests of the Indian Army.

(h) CBT Production Centre. With the present emphasis on multi-sensory instruction, a modern, well-equipped CBT production centre at the College would facilitate the integration of CBT into all courses of instruction run by the AEC in various areas of functioning throughout the Army.

The Future. The AEC may be required to undertake an additional charter in the following areas in the future:-

(a) Stress Management & Counseling

(b) Clerks Training

(c) Educational Rehabilitation and Civic Action

(d) Training of Trainers

(e) Instruction in Ethics and Morality

(f) Computer Training for Recruits

(g) Education of Wards of Servicemen