• Sheet Roll of pensioners and non-pensioners are retained for 50 years and 25 years respectively.
  • Long Roll/Check Sheet of all ex-servicemen (Pensioner/non pensioner) maintained by the Record Office.  
  • Relationship certificate, Dependent certificate/Issue of Family details maintained by the Record Office.
  • Original Discharge certificate/Substitute Discharge certificate and Service Particulars are required to be issued to Ex-servicemen/widows by the Record Office.  
  • Last Pay certificate to be issued to the Employer as and when request is received from Ex-servicemen/ Employer.  
  • Maintenance of Reserve Liability Register/Publication of Part II Orders in NE Series of ceasation of Reserve Liability.  
  • Maintenance of ACRS/medical documents of ex-servicemen.  
  • Maintenance of Commissioned Officers/Awardees Sheet Roll.  
  • Endorsement of Joint Notification for pensionary benefits.  
  • Publication of personal occurrences like Marriage/Re-marriage, Birth of Child, Death of Spouse/Child, Divorce, Elopement of Wife, Adoption of Child, Change of NOK, Change of Home Address, handicapped child etc effecting documentation, from the Ex-servicemen will be accepted for publication in the Record Offices NE Series Part II Orders as laid down in Para 3 of AO 13/2002/MP.
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