Military Music Wing

With the departure of British in 1947, the need was felt to setup an institution of Military Music in India on the lines of Kneller Hall, London to give a new direction and dimension to the music of the Indian Armed Forces. The question which naturally arose was, what are the requirement and prequisites, of establishing such an institute. The first requirement in the order of merit was a selection of a suitable place.

The Urban atmosphere of Indian subcontinent is under the grip of Sound and Air pollution and there is hardly any place which is free from them. Pachmarhi , a place in the lap of nature is perhaps an exception in this regard. Pachmarhi is one land, where nature abounds with all the beauty and charm that God has endowed to it. Since the days of creation, the world remains as such displaying multitudinous varieties of forms of colours and designs. Robert Frost identified a particular design and method for every kind of activity in nature. Keats could listen to the movement of sap in succulent plants and fruits. Wordsworth worshipped nature and believed that emotions when recollected in tranquility leads to composition of a poetry. Many other poets always considered nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The poetic genius identifies the intricacies of life and its imagining manifestations. Like poetry music follows the same standards. It is therefore believed that no place other than Pachmarhi is apt for teaching and learning of Military Music. The fresh and unpolluted air of Pachmarhi is a boon for the musicians and particularly for the woodwind instrument players. Here, the lungs of the musicians can be exercised to the best of their capabilities. Thus, the AEC Training College and Centre was given the responsibility of training the musicians. The establishment has made arrangements of Military Music Training under its Military Music Wing. This is how Military Music Wing was originated and since then is contributing towards the noble cause of imparting Military Music Training.  

This establishment has been tasked to train Band Masters and the instructors in band instruments for the Indian Army in particular, and all the Armed Forces of the country in general. During the British regime this aspect was rather neglected since most of the Band Masters and instructors were British who had their own training establishments. A few Indian Band Masters who existed at that time gained their appointments on the basis of experience and natural talent in this discipline without having undergone any formal training for their profession. This was fulfilled in Oct 1950 under the patronage of the then Commander-in-Chief General (later Field Marshal) KM Kariappa, OBE with the establishment of Military Music Wing as a part of AEC Training College and Centre, Pachmarhi. The technical know-how and the inspiration of this action came from the then Advisor of Military Music at the Army Headquarters.