OTA Ball

The End of Term events are set in motion by the OTA Ball. Gentlemen and Lady Cadets vie for the coveted titles of Mr and Miss OTA which is followed by the Officer Cadets shaking their leg on the dance floor.

Variety Entertainment Programme

Officer Cadets of the Academy showcase their soft skills in Music and Dramatics during the Variety Entertainment Programme hosted for the parents of the Passing Out Course in the Chanakya Hall. The event is followed by the dinner hosted for the parents in the Yoddha Cadets' Mess.

Combined Display

Officer Cadets of the Academy showcase their talent during the Combined Display in various events like Horse Riding, Para Sailing, Martial Art etc. Selected Teams of Indian Army also present their skills in Motorcycle Riding, PT, Malkham or Zelim.

Mil Symphony and RO Dinner Night

The eve of the POP is reserved for the unique Military Band Symphony which is a combination of slide show, musical compositions accompanied by vocals where required. The Symphony plays both Indian and Western compositions and is a huge draw amongst the audience.The Symphony is followed by RO Dinner Night where toasts are offered to the Passing out Course.

Passing Out Parade

The Passing Out Parade is the most spectacular event in the series of the end-of-term events at OTA. It is also the culminating event of another successful term. The Parade is held at the Parameshwaran Drill Square and displays drill movements synchronised with the accompanying band. The haunting strains of 'Auld Lang Syne' and the Adjutant on his charger accompanying the passing out Officer Cadets to The Final Steps stays with the Officers throughout their lives.

Pipping Ceremony

The final ceremony of the POP day is the Pipping Ceremony where the Officers get to don the coveted stars of a Lieutenant. A solemn Ceremony is held where Officers take the Oath in the name of the Constitution of India in the presence of Indian Tricolour and consecrated by Religious Teachers of all faiths.

The grand finale of the Passing Out Parade is enacted each term with clockwork precision amidst ceremony and fanfare on this hallowed ground.