QMG Branch

1. The Quarter Master General is the Principal Staff Officer (PSO) and advisor to the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) on all ‘Q’ matters of the Army.

2. Responsible for the planning and provision of land and accommodation for army units, establishments and formations.

3. Adviser on the accommodation and land availability for allocation to army units and formations and assist in the preparation of Key Location Plans (KLPs)/Married Accommodation Projects (MAPS).

4. Responsible for planning, provisioning and issue of supplies and Fuel Oil & Lubricant (FOL) for the Army.

5. Responsible for provision of all transport, mechanical as well as animal, in the Army.

6. Responsible for breeding, training, health and efficiency of all animals in the Army including the purchases of animals for breeding and excellence in sports.

7. Responsible for administration and control of the military farms.

8. General supervision and administration of the Army Postal Service. 9. Lays down Policy and direct technical examination of sites of important works including examination of contracts concluded by Military Engineering Service (MES).

10. Responsible for provision of canteen services including establishment and administration of Canteen Store Depot (CSD) and policy directions on funds management.

11. General administration and training of the Corps of Pioneers.

12. Policy direction and control of Adm & Coord for general administration of offices of the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army), Sena Bhawan.

13. Examination of all proposals/cases relating to/originating from all of its Dtes. 14. Discharge the responsibilities of Colonel of the Regiment for the Remount and Veterinary Corps, Army Postal Services, Military Farms and Pioneer Corps.

For any query/information/suggestions/any issues related to

QMG branch please communicate at : qmgbr-ihq[at]nic[dot]in