Major Joy Dasgupta, Sena Medal 18 Grenadiers

Maj Joy Dasgupta was commissioned from OTA on 09 Mar 1996 into 18 Grenadiers. Maj Joy Dasgupta a Coy Cdr of assaulting coy was tasked to launch an attack on a tactically important feature HUMP on 13/14 June 1999. He meticulously planned his course of action. Undaunted by resistance from well fortified and well stocked intruders and difficulty posed by the hostile snow capped terrain over 15,000 feet, the officer instilled confidence and motivation in his men. While advancing one enemy bunker with two Machine Guns which seriously impeded the advance of the assaulting column, he displayed quick response and forethought and moved with a small team to tackle the enemy position with total disregard to his personal safety. He closed in on the bunker and charged inside killing four intruders in close combat. His action motivated his troops to press on. In an ably led operation of twenty hours, spread over the night and next afternoon despite severe cold and fatigue, he was able to capture HUMP thereby obviating enemy's observation and domination over DRASS, TOLOLING and BHIMBAT NALA. Maj Joy Dasgupta displayed exceptional courage, bravery, astute tactical planning and able leadership by his personal example in the face of the enemy.