1. Mindless violence, atrocities and massacre of innocent people in the state of Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists forced a military response to fight this menace.


2. Displaying unparalleled professional elan, the Security Forces of Northern Command rose to the occasion and succeeded in quelling the scourge in great measure and restoring a semblance of normalcy. A large number of terrorist leaders were neutralized, deterring many others from taking the mantle. Their confidence having been restored in governance, people‘s support to the Security Forces is on the rise, and the AWAAM (populace) is now yearning for peace, ever willing to lend a helping hand in eradicating the curse of terrorism.


3. The winds of change are sweeping through the state and the AWAAM has begun to enjoy the benefits of peace and tranquility. Erstwhile hardliners have been forced to give way to the moderates.


4. This website is designed to increase public awareness both in India and abroad on the historical and operational perspective of Northern Command in Jammu and Kashmir with a special focus on the ongoing counter-terrorist campaign.


5. The website is committed to provide objective facts and statistics about the ongoing counter-terrorist operations which have been largely instrumental in ushering peace, and paving way for socio-economic development in the State. It unveils the truth behind the evil façade of terrorist organisations who have brought untold miseries to the innocent people of the State. It also brings into fore the contribution of the Indian Army in ameliorating the sufferings of the people and carrying out socio-economic development through its all-encompassing Operation SADBHAVANA and other people-friendly operations.


6. The website is interactive with a view to provide yet another platform to the AWAAM of Jammu and Kashmir to share their views in a free and peaceful environment, in the true spirit of democratic norms / traditions of our country.