officers mess

The OTA Officer Mess is one of the most ancient regal buildings that still survive in Chennai. Built in 1815 in the Victorian Style for the Garrison Commander, it now serves as the Officers Mess. The building, was used for nearly a century as the Officers' Mess of the Madras Artillery, a Corps, which in many battlefields did much to add to the renown of the Madras Army and was intimately connected with the good name and fame of the Madras Presidency. Since 1952, the Mess has been used by various garrison units located in Madras. In 1962, the building was handed over to the OTA on its inception. The architecture is typically Victorian having massive vertical columns for the facade and beautiful arches bordered with intricate designs in the three main halls inside. The building has retained its grandeur to this day and has been witness to many historical events over a period of time. The sprawling lawns in front of the Officers' Mess, the majestic artificial waterfalls and bright illumination have all added to the pristine glory of the building. Every artefact on display has a history intertwined with it and a story to narrate.