Padma Bhushan

Conditions of Eligibility

Awarded for distinguished service of high order in any field including service rendered by Government servant.

Eligible categories

Any person without distinction of race, occupation, position or sex shall be eligible for the award.

Design of the Medal and ribbon

Medal. Circular in design, with a geometrical pattern superimposed on the circle. The diameter of the circular portion of the decoration shall be one and three-fourth inches and the thickness of the decoration shall be one eighth of an inch. The geometrical pattern shall be composed of the outer lines of a square of one and three sixteenths inches side, centrally placed on each side of which shall be a rectangle projecting beyond the rim thereby breaking the circumference of the circular design of the decoration. A knob shall be embossed within each of the outer angles of the geometrical pattern. There shall be a raised circular space of diameter one and one sixteenth inches forming the centerpiece of the decoration. On the obverse a lotus flower shall be embossed in this circular space. The name of the decoration shall be embossed in Hindi, with the word PADMA placed above and the word BHUSHAN placed below the lotus flower. On the reverse shall be embossed the State Emblem and motto in Hindi below it. The decoration shall be toned bronze. The inscription PADMA BHUSHAN on the obverse of the decoration, the geometrical pattern on either side and the border around the periphery, shall be of burnished bronze. All embossing on either side of the decoration shall be of standard gold.

Ribbon. A plain lotus pink riband one and a quarter inches in width, with a broad white stripe in the middle.

The decoration may be awarded posthumously.