Vayu Sena Medal


Conditions of Eligibility

Awarded for such individual acts of exceptional devotion to duty or courage as have special significance for the Air Force. Awards may be made posthumously.

A bar shall be given for every subsequent award of the medal to a person.

Eligible Categories

All ranks of the Air Force.

Design of the Medal and Ribbon

Medal. The medal is five pointed star, made of standard silver. The mounting shall be fixed ring attached to a metal stripe 3mm wide ornamented with Ashoka leaves. It shall have embossed on its obverse the lion capital in the centre encircled by a garland of leaves. On its reverse, it shall have a representation of Himalayan Edge with the inscription embossed below it.

Ribbon. 32 mm in width in alternate stripes of saffron and silver grey, each 3mm in width running diagonally from right to left.