The Colours

EME Colours

Colour Presentation

The Colours stand for everything that the Corps is. They speak of honour, of deeds, of dedication and of the service rendered by the personnel of the Corps. They are the symbol of the spirit of the Corps and are sacred to the soldier.

The design for the Corps colours was proposed by the then DEME, Major General SP Vohra, and approved by the then President Dr S Radhakrishnan, in March 1964.

The EME colours is a golden yellow silken flag, 3 feet by 3 feet 9 inches ; the Corps badge is embroidered on a blue circular piece and placed in the centre with a single wreath of Ashoka leaves and lotus flowers embroidered around it. On a scroll beneath the wreath is embroidered the name ‘Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers’. The name of Ashoka signifies peace and the leaves represent happiness and prosperity. The lotus is a symbol of peace, tranquility, beauty and richness.

The President of India, Dr S Radhakrishnan, presented the Colours to the Corps on 15 Oct 1964 at 1 EME Centre during the 21st Anniversary celebrations. The Colour party consisted of Lieutent RP Nanda, Havildar Major Dev Raj and Naik Bashisht. It was the first amongst the Services to receive Regimental Colours, an honour bestowed to acknowledge the contribution made by this young Corps. The Second Colours Presentation was presented at 3 EME Centre Bhopal on 15 October 1980. The Colours presented on behalf of the President by the General OP Malhotra, PVSM, COAS. The Colour party consisted of 2/Lieutenant Rajesh Dua and Havildars Bhrigu Nath and Jhangan Singh. After a gap of 24 years, the Third Colours presentation was presented on 23 Nov 2004. The old colours were put to rest and new colours were presented to the Corps at 1 EME Centre, Secunderabad by the Gen NC Vij, PVSM, UYSM, COAS on behalf of the President. Continuing the momentum of soaring esprit-de-corps, 3 EME Centre Bhopal was next on the anvil. The high order of dedication of the Corps was again recognised when the Corps was once more honoured with colours on 18 Feb 2005. On behalf of the President of India, Gen JJ Singh, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC, COAS presented the Fourth Colours Presentation at 3 EME Centre.