ARMY DAY - 2012

63 Years of Honour And Sacrifice

Indian Army celebrates January 15 every year as Army Day to commemorate the Day, when Gen (later Field Marshal) K M Cariappa became the first Commander-in-Chief of Indian Armed Forces after Independence, taking over the command of Armed Forces from Gen Sir F R R Bucher, the last British Commander-in-Chief, in 1949.

Since independence, the Indian Army has grown to be a professional, apolitical and humanitarian force to reckon with, while serving in the most adverse and diverse conditions. Unlike any Army in the world, it has the unique experience of fighting wars, at minus 50 degrees centigrade, in Siachen and braving the hot climate conditions in the Thar desert, at plus 50 degrees. The officers and jawans have also the experience of fighting wars in the deserts and plains in the west to thick jungles and ravines in the North East.


Indian Army, which is popularly known as mini-India, has officers and jawans hailing from all provinces, ethnic cultures as also speaking different languages. They live, eat, train and fight together to defend the sovereignty of the nation, thus setting an example of “Unity in Diversity.”

To meet the religious aspirations of Army personnel, units have ‘Sarva Dharma Sthal’ where All Ranks from different faiths can worship according to their beliefs, under one roof.

While the soldiers have earned acclaim in all wars fought since Independence, they have also endeared themselves with their countrymen, by helping them during natural and man-made calamities. They have earned their Country's gratitude. Indian Army has also earned appreciation in counter-insurgency operations, counter-terror and ongoing proxy war.