Aim of Training. To train GCs as confident and professionally competent young military leaders with a well-rounded personality, capable of independently leading a rifle platoon.

Scope of Training. The scope of training is to achieve the objectives given below :-

Character and Leadership Training

To develop the highest qualities of leadership, with high moral and physical courage.

To instill a high sense of duty, discipline, integrity, camaraderie and team spirit.

Service Training

To enable a GC to take his place in his unit as a Young Officer.

To achieve basic knowledge of tactics up to platoon level.

To achieve the laid down standards in weapon training in all platoon weapons.

Physical Training

To achieve the laid down standards of physical fitness and drill.

To develop spirit of adventure and aggressive spirit.

Academics Training

To provide a broad education base essential for professional development.

To enhance power of analysis, reasoning and expression, both verbal and written, in Hindi and English.

To provide a scientific orientation to keep them abreast of technological advancement in the field of warfare.

Key Result Areas (KRAs)

Enable each GC to lead a platoon in battle.

Develop a very high order of overall personality, leadership skills and character qualities.

Develop intrinsic motivation to set and achieve high standards in all activities.

Enable GCs to achieve high standard of physical fitness and pass higher tests in IPET.

Enable GCs to acquire reasonable proficiency in playing at least one troop game.

Initiate GCs into imbibing good etiquettes and social graces expected of an officer.

Training Curriculum. It has been designed to suit the requirement of TES / SCO entries. The training content has been fully developed as per available resources and conditions at Gaya. The training period each term has been fixed at 23 weeks.