1. The Regiment of Artillery Association formed on 01 Jun 1964, was initially started on 01 Apr 54 as the Artillery Benevolent Association with only Persons Below Officer Rank as members. However, with establishment of RAA, Officers were included with the aim of fostering friendship between serving and retired gunners and to assist them and their families. The broad aims and objectives of the Association are:-

(a) To provide assistance to the serving and retried gunners and their families.

(b) To provide distress relief to the members or their next of kins.

(c) To provide scholarship to the children of the members who are studying in professional colleges.

(d) Maintain archives and museum.

 2. Initially RAA was established in School of Artillery, Devlali. The present building of Artillery Association was called the "Artillery House" and was established on a 15.275 acre plot near Artillery Centre, Nasik Road Camp. The building presently houses 'Artillery Museum' and is named now as such. The foundation stone of the erstwhile Artillery House was laid by General PP Kumaramangalam, DSO, the then Senior Colonel Commandant of the Regiment of Artillery on 26 Nov 1968. The building was finally completed in Sep 1970.

3. In year 2000 it was decided to establish the Artillery Museum in the premises of RAA. The renovation was completed on 11 Dec 2004 and the Artillery Museum was opened to the public on 16 Jan 2005.