Pride in one’s Corps is neither commanded nor natural but is imbibed through the best traditions of the Corps. It is sensed by the attitude of people and measured by the results achieved in the attainment of the Corps objectives.

The maxim adopted by the Army Ordnance Corps inspires all ranks of the Corps to strive relentlessly for the attainment of the Corps primary objectives. ‘Sua Tela Tonanti’, which remained the motto of our Corps for many years. The Old Motto ‘Sua Tela Tonanti’ - ‘Tonanti’ the thundering one-refers to Jupiter whose frequent epithet is Tonans. “Sua - Tela” refers to his weapon-the thunderbolt. “Sua Tela Tonanti” is best translated as “to the thunderer - his arms” or in modern sense “to the warrior - his weapons” or “to the soldier his-fighting needs”, which very aptly summed up the very purpose of the Corps. In Corps committee meeting in April 1977, it was decided to adopt the Hindi version of this motto ‘ Shastra Se Shakti’ (Strength Through Arms) written in the Devnagri Script. This new motto was incorporated on 23 January 1978.