Remount Training School and Depots are category ‘A’ establishment with the following role:-

  • To receive horse and mule young stock from Equine Breeding Studs.

  • Receive newly purchased horses and mules both from within the country and abroad.

  • Rear young stock upto maturity.

  • Receive surplus animals, if any, on disbandment of units.

  • Train horses as troopers and specialist horses on required basis.

  • Train coach horses as per requirement from time to time.

  • Train mules upto fully trained stage.

  • Issue of trained horses and mules to all animal holding units and PBG.

  • Sale of trained horses to Police, Para Military Forces and Friendly Countries.

  • Hold AHQ GS and maint res of trained animals.

  • Carry out breeding operations as per policy directive from Army HQ.

  • To produce sufficient nutritious equine fodder for authorized animals of the Depot.

  • Harvest and preserve seeds for economical farming.

  • Rearing of pups upto the age of six months and their transfer to RVC Centre and College for further training as & when required.

Remount Training School and Depot, Saharanpur

The establishment was raised on 01 Feb 1843 as Stud Depot, under the aegis of Stud Dept of India with the aim to improve the stock of horses for the British Army. Subsequently, the Stud Dept was abolished in 1876 and Army Remount Dept of India was established in 1881. During those days the main task was procurement of young country bred horses and their rearing till issue to various units. In addition, a reserve of 500 Australian horses was auth in this Depot, to be kept fully trained and ready to move.

On reorganization of Army Remount Dept in 1904, this Depot was renamed as Remount Depot, Saharanpur, with the authorised strength of 2236 horses, which was revised to 2591 horses in 1908.Depot was again reorganized in 1958 and redesignated as Remount Training School and Depot, Saharanpur. The task of equine breeding has also been assigned to this Depot wef 01 Dec 1986. Presently, this establishment is designed to hold 3620 equines including 445 breeding stocks.

Remount Training School and Depot ,Hempur

Hempur is located on the periphery of Tarai forest north of Jim Corbett Park in U S Nagar Distt, at distance of 13 kms from Kashipur and 21 kms from Ramnagar. RTS & D, Hempur and was raised under the stewardship of Col PL Negi, AVSM, Commandant on 01 Mar 1966. The raising was completed on 31 Dec 1971. It occupies 4015.78 Acres of land acquired from the UP State mechanised farm. It is a Cat ‘A’ est functioning under the direct control of Army HQ and is designed to hold 3399 animals. With the expansion of breeding base during 1987, breeding activities have also been introduced.

The RTS&D is organised into Depot wing including animal charges, Trg Sqn, Vet Wing, Farm Wing and Breeding Wing to facilitate the reception, conditioning, handling, training and issue of equines of all classes in peace and to allow for it’s expansion in war. Breeding operations were started at RTS&D, Hempur in 1987 for which breeding stock was authorised for GS Mules and line breeding. Initially 316 animals were introduced to form the breeding base which has been further rationalised to 224. A compact and well laid out breeding wing with complete infrastructural facilities for breeding of horses and mules is available with this depot.

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Modern Farm Equipment and Machinery for Farming Operations at Equine Breeding Status and Remount Training School & Depots