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Employment directorate is responsible for registration of Ex-Servicemen for employment assistance and functioning of DGR empanelled security agency scheme.


Registration of ESM (Officer)

Eligibility Criteria

The officers should be covered under the definition of ‘Ex-Servicemen’ as laid down by the Government of India, (Department of Personnel and Training).

Should be unemployment commissioned Office, if retired/released.

Should register within five years of retirement/release.

Upper age limit:-

   Officers upto Maj Gen and equivalent- Up to 59 years of age.
   Lt Gen & equivalent – Up to 61 years of age.


Serving officers may register themselves imdt after retirement on receipt of their Release order, ESM I Card and PPO to avail the facilities of DGR.

All officers invalidated out due to medical reasons may register only if eligible for disability pensions and certified fit for civil employment.

SSCOs may register on completion of specified terms of engagement with gratuity, otherwise than at his own request or by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency.

Documents for Common Registration & All Schemes (Coal Tptn/CNG/Security Agency) Officers are required to submit the following documents in duplicate in a proper file cover


DGR Registration Form
Photo copy of the PPO / Gratuity order.
Photo copy of CV & a softcopy in CD containing CV (only for Gen Employment).
Photo copy of Ex-Serviceman I-Card (Issued by RSB/ZSB).
Photocopy of proof of address.
Photo copy of PAN card.
Photo copy of Retirement / Release Order.
Check List.


Renewal of Registration

Changes : It is important that changes in address, telephone numbers and particulars are intimated to this office immediately on occurrence. This will facilitate this office to update our database and keep in touch with the officers particularly when prospective employers have to contact them for interview / queries.

Feedback : Officers registered with DGR after getting jobs are required to inform this office about their appointment so that their names can be put on inactive list for time being and chance of sponsorship given to those officers who are still in need of employment. But unfortunately neither the officers nor prospective employers are keeping this office informed about officers selection in a particular private company/public sector undertaking, thereby causing inconvenience to other prospective employers requisitioning officers for their companies as most of the officers from the panel forwarded to the prospective employers are already employed and not available for interview to them. Officers registered with DGR for employment assistance are requested to inform this office immediately on getting job whether in PSUs, Corporate or in private companies so that only those officers who are still looking for the jobs are sponsored for the posts requisitioned by the private companies and PSUs, thereafter.

Resume (CV) : Officer's resume establishes the first contact with an employer and therefore must be written carefully. Generally employers calls for interviews based on the contents of the CV alone and as studies have indicated that over 87% resumes get rejected simply because of ineffectual quality. Those qualities and skills should be highlighted which are going to be useful to the corporate or industry. Some of the points which need to be kept in mind while writing resume are:-

Resume should preferably be of only one typed page but not to exceed two pages.

Should be neatly typed on a good quality paper.

Service courses should be translated into equivalent civil experience/ qualification that is understood by civilian employers.

Resume should cover briefly the job objective, personal qualities, professional abridgement/profile, core competencies, career path, key result areas and educational credentials.


Assistance in Resume writing : In these days of quick fix solution, customised answers and personalised services are available, all you need to do is to log on to dime-a-dozen jobsites those offer you tailor made resumes. The some of the jobsites which provide services of resume writing are as under:-


JCOs and Other Rank Equivelent

The Central / State Governments have provided a number of concessions to promote employment of ex-Servicemen in the Civil jobs. There are reservations in Government Departments, Public Sector Undertakings/ Nationalised Banks and Para Military Forces as follows:-


Group 'C' Group 'D'


Central Ministries / Deptts 10 percent 20 percent
PSUs / Nationalised Banks 14.5 percent 24.5 percent


Besides, there is 10 percent reservation for the post of Assistant Commandants in the Para Military Forces.

It is pertinent to bring out that the reservation for ESM in Central Govt. is horizontal and not vertical as is being provided to SC/ST/OBC. Vide Office Memorandum No. 36012/58/92-Estt (SCT) dated 01 Dec 1994, Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions (DOP&T) had issued instructions to all Heads of Departments and appointing authorities for compliance of revised procedure for filling up of vacancies vis-à-vis reservation available for ex-servicemen in the light of the said Supreme Court Judgement. The apex Court held that reservation for SC/ST/OBCs made under Article 16(4) of the Constitution may be called .vertical reservation., and other reservations made under Article 16(1) of the Constitution, such as for physically handicapped persons, be termed as horizontal reservation. Horizontal' reservations cut across .vertical' reservation (in what may be termed as inter-locking reservation) and the person so selected against such reservation has to be placed in the appropriate category, that is to say, if he belongs to SC category, he will be placed in that particular quota by making necessary adjustment. Similarly, if he belongs to open competition (OC) category he will be placed only in that category by making necessary adjustment. The caveat being, that even after providing for these horizontal reservations, the percentage of reservation in favour of backward class of citizens should remain the same. At present, no specific points are allotted on the 100 point roster to the ex-servicemen as is being done in the case of SC, ST and OBC, since the reservation provided to them is horizontal in nature as explained above.

Ex-Servicemen have also been granted relaxation in age and educational qualification and exemption from payment of application/ examination fees.

In addition, under the existing instructions, for the purpose of appointment of Group 'C' and 'D' posts under the Central Govt as well as Public Sector Undertakings filled by the employment exchanges, disabled ex-Servicemen whose disability is attributable to Military Service are accorded Priority I. Further, upto two dependents of Defence Service Personnel killed in action or severely disabled (with 50 percent and above disability and who have become unfit for employment but disability is attributable to Military Service) are given Priority IIA for the purpose of employment. Registration under Priority I and Priority II-A is done by DGE&T, Ministry of Labour through Zila Sainik Board/Records Offices. All such applications duly completed and verified have to be sent to Sub-Regional Employment Office, Central Employment Exchange, 14/11, Jamnagar House, New Delhi-110011. Widow/son/daughter of Defence Service Personnel died while in service (death not attributable to Military Service) is eligible for compassionate appointment for Group 'C' or 'D' post. Applications duly completed have to be submitted to the Records Office of the deceased soldier. However, due to downsizing of establishment, employment opportunities are on the decline under the subject schemes and the beneficiaries are negligible.

Registration : The process of registration can be started 12 months (one year) before the actual date of release of the ex-Servicemen. The Officer Commanding of the Unit is to prepare the Employment Index Card in Triplicate and forward to Records Office who after scrutiny of particulars will forward to the concerned Zila Sainik Board. He will be registered by the Zila Sainik Board and registration number will be allotted. The ex-Servicemen can also contact their concerned Zila Sainik Board directly for registration. Every ex-Serviceman who registers with the ZSBs has to renew his registration once in three years. Ex-servicemen who are residing in and around Delhi, can register themselves with DGR for employment assistance subject to verification of documents, viz. Discharge Book, in original, NOC from ZSB if already registered for employment, and caste certificate (if belongs to SC / ST / OBC) from competent civic authorities viz. Tehsildar / SDM.

Employment by State Governments  : A number of State Governments have provided reservations/concessions to the ex-Servicemen in their respective State Services/posts. These concessions have been highlighted under the respective State concessions.


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