Broad Functions of Branches / Dtes of Integrated HQ of MoD

Recruiting Publicity

1.   To evolve, promulgate and implement policies and instructions for selection of officer cadets and recruitment of JCOs/OR categories.

2.   Supervision and control over all recruiting activities through ZROs/ ROs/ IRO.

3.   To exercise Adm and Tech control over Services Selection Centres/SSBs and responsible for their smooth functioning.

4.   Publicity for all recruitment activities.

5.   To monitor recruitment by Regimental/Corps Training Centres to ensure that laid down policies and standards are observed.

6.   To monitor recruitment and selection process and procedures to bring about improvement whenever necessary.

Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme

It is an initiative taken by the Government and the Armed Forces to alleviate the socio-economic needs of the retired pensioner of the three Services and provide Comprehensive Medicare to these pensioners and their dependents. It provides basic medical care at Polyclinics including basic diagnosis, provision all medicines and consumables required for use on an ECHS member in a service hospital.

1.   Establish 106 Military and 121 Non-military Polyclinics at designated locations all over the country based on the resident population of Ex-Servicemen.

2.   War widows and Operationally disabled Ex-Servicemen have been exempted from the contribution for seeking ECHS Membership.

3.   Mentally and physically challenged children are covered for life.

4.   Exemption of Contribution of one of the two, when husband or wife or both are eligible for ECHS membership.

5.    Hospital accommodation entitled as per rank at the time of retirement.

6.   The provisional budgetary allocation for 2006-07 is Rs. 44 Crores in capital and Rs. 274.14 Crores in revenue.

7.   The staff employed at the polyclinics is to be in the ratio of 70:30 between ex-servicemen and civilians.

Army Welfare Education Society (AWES)

1.   To create or augment Educational and Technical/vocational training facilities to meet the needs of children of Army Personnel including widows and ex-servicemen.

2.   To promote/ impart higher education including technical and professional education to the wards of Army personnel including widows and ex-servicemen. Professional education will include disciplines of Engineering, Medicine, Hospitality, Law, Education, Management, Journalism, Mass Communication, design and any other subject that will be considered relevant from time to time.

3.   To develop co-educational Army Schools and Army Public Schools for imparting quality education at affordable cost to the children of Army personnel including ex-servicemen.

4.   To prepare the students for All India Secondary Schools and All India Senior School Certificate (10+2 stage) examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education with a common syllabi thus enabling the children of personnel who are transferred to be admitted in mid-session.

5.   To promote development of academic excellence, discipline, personnel character, high sense of value and national integration among the children of Army personnel.

6.   To promote sports and co-curricular activities.

7.   To gradually create adequate hostel facilities in selected institutions/stations.


1.   Coordinate and monitor all activities of AWES Institutions through AWES Cells at Command Headquarters.

2.   Evolve policies and perspective plans of AWES including infrastructure development.

Quarter Master General

DDG Pioneers

1.   Pioneer Corps units are intended to provide disciplined and well trained manpower, where civilian labour is either not available or its employment is not desirable for reasons of security, Pioneer Units are mostly committed in Forward and Operational Areas. They may also be employed as guards and escorts for Headquarters, Installations, Ammunition trains and convoys.

ADG Adm & Coord

2.   This Dte is responsible to provide repair and Rec cover to Integrated HQ of MoD (Army & Navy) and 11 other units located in and around Delhi .

3.   This Dte is providing Engg support and recovery cover during the following Ceremonial Events of National importance.

(a) Army Day Parade.

(b) Republic Day Parade.

(c) Independence Day Parade.

(d) Prime Minister’s NCC Rally.

(e) Territorial Army Day Parade.

(f) Beating the Retreat Ceremony.

Land Welfare Establishment

4.   LWE Dte deals broadly with the following:-

(a)   Accommodation Policy.

(b)   Planning and provision of land for accommodation of Army Units/Estt.

(c)   Works procedures and Works projects including roads.

(d)   Standardization of scales of specification of accommodation, furniture, water etc.

(e)   Financing of works projects and control of works expenditure.

(f)   Requisition and de-requisition land, disposal of lands and buildings.

(g)   Matters pertaining to quartering, rents and conservancy services.

(h)   Matters pertaining to environment conservation of Army Land

Master General Of Ordnance


1.   MGO Branch is responsible for provisioning and procurement of all in-service equipment, ammunition, general stores and clothing. Procurement of main equipment is restricted to the indigenous sources only. The MGO Branch, however, carries out import of spares and special clothing items. It also coordinates the working of EME and Ordnance Services and resolves their function with Ministry of Defence, which involves interaction with Department of Defence Production and Supplies, Finance and DGQA.

2.   Role of MGO’s Branch

(a)   Provision and Procurement of in-service equipment/ammunition including export – import.

(b)   Trials and introduction of General Stores and clothing.

(c)   Equipment Management and operational readiness of all in-service equipment/stores, incl Med Repair and OH.

(d)   Product and system improvement.

(e)   Relinquishment, issue, discard/disposal of all vehicles equipment and stores.

(f)   Warehousing of all equipment/stores/ammunition.

(g)   Product and system improvement.

(h)   Coord functioning of OS and EME Dtes.

(j)    Standardisation activities.

Directorate General of Signals

1.   Communication Support Strategic Level. Establishment of communication infrastructure i.e., Defence Communication Network at the strategic level.

2.  Communication Support for the Army. Planning, coordination and provision of all communication requirements for the Army including those ex-India for UN Missions.

3.   Communication Support for the Air force. To provide land line communications including trunk lines, exchanges and telephones to the Indian Air Force at air fields.

4.   Electronic Warfare and Information Warfare. Coordination and technical control of Electronic Warfare plans, operations, training and manpower development for Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence.

5.   Information Security. To ensure Information Dominance and Assurance including Cyber Security.

6.   Information Technology. To be a system integrator, involving integration of strategic, backbone, access/ tactical networks for porting different applications and to facilitate implementation of Information Technology policy and training in the Army.

7.   Advisor to Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). Act as an advisor to CDS on all communication matters, Electronic Warfare, Cyber Security, Interoperability, interface standards and protocols and Electro-magnetic Compatibility aspects.

8.   Signal Intelligence. Provisioning and training of all manpower for Signal Intelligence organisation.

Additional Directorate General Of Staff Duties

1.   SD Dte is the main coord agency of the AHQ and plays a key Role in its functioning.

2.   Provides an interface with the MoD and MEA for dealing most matters concerning the Army.

ASEC Secretariat

1.   A balanced establishment is provided for the task in hand and that all personnel included are adequately employed.

2.   An establishment is produced in consultation with the sponsoring directorate, which is workable from a practical point of view and is also economical in utilisation of available resources.

3.   All establishments are most zealously scrutinized and contain only those elements, which are essential.

4.   The rank of personnel is justified by the responsibility carried or by the technical knowledge required.


1.   To advise the General Staff on all matters pertaining to Arty.

2.   Exercise overall supervision over School of Artillery and Training Centres.

3.   Coordinate with MGO on matters of supply of Arty equipment.

4.   Liaise with Research & Development organisation on Arty matters.

5.   Advise Military Secretary’s Branch on selection Arty Officers for foreign assignments and important courses and postings of Arty Officers for regimental, ERE and Staff appointments etc.

6.   Management of rank structure of JCOs/OR and related issues.


1.   Advise COAS on all maters viz State of Training , Equipment and Battle Worthiness, pertaining to Infantry.

2.   Advice Principal Staff Officers and Director Generals at Army HQ on all matters affecting Infantry.

3.   Exercise Technical Control of Infantry oriented CAT ‘A’ Establishments viz Infantry School , Junior Leaders Wing, Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School and High Altitude Warfare School .

4.   Lay down Training Policy, evolve syllabus and monitor conduct of training at Regiment Centres.

5.  Preparation of PE, PET, WE and WET of CAT ‘A’ & ‘B’ Establishments and Infantry Battalions.

6.   Study, formulate and recommend New TAC Concepts of employment of Infantry.

7.   Identifying New Weapons and Equipment, formulation of GSQR, Development, Assessment, Evaluation, Procurement, Modernisation and Introduction of New Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment including Training Aids for Infantry.

Army Aviation

1.   Issue Directives, SOPs and Policies for all Fling Operations.

2.   Monitor Fling Operations.

3.   Fling Related Courses and Continuity Training.

4.   Gradations and Standardisation of Aviators.

5.   Manpower Planning, Establishment and New Raisings.

6.   Induction/Trial Related to Aviation Equipment.

7.   Flight Safety including Accident /Incident investigation.

8.   Liaise with MGO, EME for logistics and maintenance.

Addl Dte Gen Territorial Army

1.   TA Directorate forms part of General Staff Branch of the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army) and functions under the Direction Deputy Chief of Army Staff (P & S).

2.   Additional Director General Territorial Army is the service advisor at Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army) and is the Departmental head of the Territorial Army.

Integrated Financial Adviser (Army) (M)

To render financial advice to the three CFAs viz., VCOAS, DCOAS (IS & T) and DCOAS (P & S) primarily, and (also lower CFAs like SO-in-C, DG IS, Offg DGMT etc) in the matter of sanctions to be accorded within the delegated powers of AHQ. The financial advice relates to:

(a)   All maters of MI, SI, IT and RR Dtes and

(b)   For all Dtes in respect of expenditure proposals debitable to Minor Head “800”, i.e., Misc and incidental expenditure.