Recipients Of Concession Permits Authorisation Granted AGs Branch

Payment Of One Time Grant From National Defence Fund(NDF) to NOK of Battle Casualties (Fatal)Between 15 Aug 1947 To 30 Apr 1999.

The NDF committee had sanctioned a one-time grant of Rs 50,000/ (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) each to the living NOK of battle casualties of various military operations between 15 Aug 1947 - 30 Apr 1999. This amount will supplement the one time grant of Rs 50,000/- already being paid to this category out of Army Central Welfare Fund and thereby bring the total to Rs 1 Lac paid to each NOK.

Eligibility Of Soldiers /NOK of Soldiers Boarded Out Due to Injury Sustained Between 15 Aug 1947 to 30 Apr 1999 for Grant Out Of Army Central Welfare Fund(ACWF).

Soldiers who were boarded out of service due to injury sustained during various military operations between 15 Aug 1947 - 30 Apr 1999, are eligible for one time grant of Rs 1 Lac from the Army Central Welfare Fund. In case the soldier is not alive, the grant will be paid to the nominated NOK only. Other legal heirs/family members are not eligible .

Payment of One Time Grant Out of ACWF To Disabled Soldiers Invalided/Boarded Out of Service In Low Med Category Without Completing their Terms Of Engagement Due To Injuries Sustained In Mil Ops Wef 01 May 1999.

The disabled soldiers (Battle Casualties) who were boarded/invalided out of service in low med category without completing their terms of engagement due to injuries sustained in various mil ops wef 01 May 1999 (other than OP VIJAY KARGIL) are eligible for a one time grant of Rs 1 Lac out of ACWF. Those soldiers boarded/invalided out who have already received a grant of ACWF based on their disability percentage will receive a grant equal to the difference between Rs One Lac and the grant already paid to them.

The disabled soldiers (Battle Casualties) who sustained injuries in various Mil Ops after 01 May 1999 and are retained in service will continue to get a grant out of ACWF based on their disability percentage as under -

(a) Below 50% - Rs 10,000/-

(b) 50 to 74% - Rs 20,000/-

(c) 75% & above - Rs 30,000/-

Ex Gratia Compensation to the Soldiers Invalided Out Of Service Due to Battle Injuries Sustained During Op Vijay (Kargil)

All Soldiers who are invalided/boarded out of service without completing the terms and conditions of service and not on own request due to injuries sustained during “Op Vijay” (Kargil) will be paid following ex-gratia amount based on percentage of their disability : -

Percentage of Disability

Amount of Ex-Gratia

(a) 50% or less Rs 3 Lacs
(b) 75% or less but more than 50% Rs 4.5 Lacs
(c) More than 75% Rs 6 Lacs

Payment of One Time Grant Out of ACWF to NOK of all Personnel who die in Harness after 01 Apr 2001

NOK of all personnel who die in harness after 01 Apr 2001 will be paid a one-time grant of Rs 30, 000/- from ACWF.

Award of Educational Scholarships to Children of Armed Forces by Central Govt.

The concessions which were till now admissible to the children of Armed Forces Personnel killed/missing or permanently disabled in 1962, 1965,1971 Wars, OP PAWAN and OP MEGHDOOT only, are also extended to the children of the Armed Forces personnel who were killed/declared missing or permanently disabled during all post MEGHDOOT operations in India and abroad including Counter Terrorist Operations. The children should be studying in Govt /Govt aided schools/educational institutes Military/Sainik Schools and other schools or colleges recognized by the Central or State Govts including the autonomous organizations financed entirely by Central/State Govts.