Army Welfare



1.     Education Scholarship will be given on yearly basis to wards of members who are studying in professional colleges. The eligibility will be determined on merit cum means basis. Scholarship will be a maximum of Rs 15,000/- per year per student.


Eligibility Conditions


2.      Scholarship will be awarded for regular (not correspondence) professional Courses mentioned below :-

            (a)     EnggDeg Course from recognisedEngg Colleges / IITs/RECs/AIT.

            (b)     MBBS/BDS Courses from recognised Medical/Dental Colleges.

            (c)    MBA Deg Course/Post Graduate Diploma/Degree from any of the recognised Management Institutes.

            (d)     Degs (NOT DIPLOMA) being awarded by all Army Institutes.

            (e)     Awards will not be given for Diploma Courses.

3          Priorities for Award.

            (a) Priority I - Wards of deceased officers, JCOs and OR, not in receipt of liberalised family pension.

           (b) Priority II - Wards of injured officers, JCOs and OR who are boarded out due to disability (with or w/o disability


            (c) Priority III - Wards of serving /retired JCO and OR excluding honorary commissioned JCOs.

            (d) Priority IV - Wards of honorary commissioned JCOs, both serving and retired.

            Procedure of Applying.

4.         Application as per format att as Appendix C shall along with relevant certificates will be forwarded through the unit/formation HQ to the Arty Records by the serving persons. In case of retired persons, the application shall be directly forwarded to the Arty Records, which after due scrutiny and vetting shall forward the same to the Dte Gen of Arty. A Board of Officers under ADG Arty (B) shall examine all the applications and submit the Board Proceedings to the Chairman Executive Committee who shall approve them. On approval the Board proceedings shall be forwarded to RAA for issue of cheques to the concerned candidates. Applications must reach Arty records by 15 Oct and the Dte Gen of Arty latest by 31 Oct.